MTA Malaysia 2007

MTA Malaysia 2007 is reputed to be THE EVENT that gathers world’s leading metalworking and precision engineering solution providers and top buyers in the manufacturing industry.

With an international showcase of the latest innovations and most advanced technology coupled with a strong following of quality visitors, MTA Malaysia2007 returns amidst high expectations to meet the needs of Asia’s growing manufacturing industry. The main driver for its continued success lies in the event’s precision in identifying potential distribution networks and developing market channels through its concerted effort in keeping abreast with the current landscape.

Dynamic Marketing and Promotional Campaigns

Concerted marketing efforts are already in place even before the show. Its winning formula lies in laying a strong foundation through an aggressive marketing and promotional campaign. The multi-faceted programme comprises:

Local and overseas visitor promotion trips to key buyers and trade associations
VIP Programme for your distinguished clients
A series of direct mailings to buyers and specifiers
Extensive editorial coverage in regional trade publications and newspapers
Advertising campaigns in regional newspapers, trade journals and on the radio programmes and major industry websites
Telemarketing, fax marketing and email broadcasts
Local and overseas press conferences

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From 16 May 2007
Until 20 May 2007
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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