2007 APEC Biotechnology Conference

Taipei, Taiwan - The APEC Conference is designed to serve as a platform, which enables the participants to exchange the viewpoints in particular to government policies on the topics related to biotechnology.

In a move to nurture this innovative industry, the theme of this year’s conference mainly involves “What’s the Best Business Model for Asia Bio-incubation Development?” A comprehensive series of presentations and discussions have been planned to encourage the participants from the member economies in the APEC region to share the experience in establishing a bio-incubation center as well as to discuss the strength and weakness of the current operation.

The objective of this year’s Conference is to explore the best model to implement bio-incubation project based on the environment of the APEC region, portraying the region to become a significant operating hub. Furthermore, the opportunities and the challenges will be analyzed, letting the interested parties better understand the bio-incubation program and raise the participation.

What’s the Best Business Model for Asia Bio-incubation Development?
Policy and Strategy on Biotechnology
1. Key policies and strategies on biotech clusters
2. The roles and functions of bio-incubation system
3. Successful bio-incubation mechanism for the APEC regionn
4. Opportunities and challenges of future biotech niche market
5. Best business model to maximize the effectiveness of bio-incubation operation

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From 23 Jul 2007
Until 23 Jul 2007
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