Competitive Intelligence India

This training focuses on the tools, techniques and methodologies needed to obtain and analyze competitive information from publicly available sources to help achieve the objectives of an organization

Developing and implementing the latest tools, techniques and methods in competitive intelligence

Event Date: 27-28 September 2007
Location: Le Meridien , India

Key Topics

# Scope out and design an intelligence project
# Information products and intelligence products
# Analysis and intelligence
# Organizational, resource, and cultural requirements for intelligence- assessing your organizations intelligence capabilities
# Counter intelligence-preserving your valuable information assets

Competitive Intelligence (CI) has become a necessary activity in any business. There is widespread recognition that growing competition in Asia is a big issue and CI is about surviving and thriving in this competitive environment. These challenges and risks will increase significantly in future, thus the need to monitor competitors is essential if firms are to maintain their competitive advantages.

CI compels organisations to look beyond internal activities and integrate external events into the information picture on an ongoing basis. It selects and filters information from wide array of sources, interprets, analyses it and uses it effectively for strategic decision-making. The collection and analysis of information regarding the capabilities, vulnerabilities and intentions of business competitors essentially provide you with early warning of changes in the competitive landscape. Thus, CI plays a vital role for firms stay ahead of competitors, notably through:

· Understanding their actions so we could predict future trends

· Identifying potential markets and make strategic decisions competently

· Revealing your competitors’ management and using their strengths and weaknesses to your advantage

· Recognising customer activities; their changing preferences and needs

· Planning and focusing these critical information as key intelligence needs and requirements

This imbalance between the need for CI and the lack of CI specialists has created a definite need for sales, marketing, strategic planning and all decision makers to truly understand and value CI information. This training not only essentially provides a platform for knowledge sharing and creates assertiveness within organisations to cope with the current competitive milieu but also to promote awareness about CI.

Key benefits for attending this event:

· Defining the face of competition in today’s changing marketplace

· Anticipate market changes and stay ahead of your competitors

· Applying innovative intelligence concepts to current complex business issues

· Assessing popular CI techniques and aligning them into your corporate objectives to better achieve valuable results

· Understanding how to turn information into intelligence, intelligence into strategy and strategy into competitive advantage

· Integrating compelling pricing strategies for such competitive environment

· Linking CI to strategic planning and key decision-making

· Performing an effective intelligence audit

· Improving data collection and research techniques for efficient information gathering globally

About your course facilitator:

Jonathan Calof is recognized as one of the leaders in competitive intelligence. An Associate Professor of International Business at the University of Ottawa, a Director of the Canadian Institute of Competitive Intelligence and associate editor of Executive Magazine, Jonathan has given over 500 speeches, seminars and keynote addresses around the world on competitive intelligence and has helped several companies and government agencies around the world enhance their CI capabilities. He has received honors from many organizations including the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals, Academy of Business Administration, the International Council for Small Business and the Academy of International Business. Interest in his work has resulted in his being featured around the world in leading Newspapers, magazines, on television and on radio. He has been referred to as:

“Jonathan is a highly sought after, as a consultant, by businesses and government agencies.”( CA Magazine,)

“Jonathan is one of the world leaders in competitive intelligence" (The Edmontonian)

Dr. Calof’s current intelligence initiatives include project intelligence. This course integrates a unique mentoring approach where participants execute on their own projects. Introduction to competitive intelligence, the Internet and intelligence, and trade show intelligence. This latter program has involved helping companies and government agencies better manager their trade show efforts

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From 27 Sep 2007
Until 28 Sep 2007
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