Water Seminar

Among the sub-themes include: sustainable development and water management, public awareness, water education, socio-economic and legal issues, the environment, engineering, modelling and traditional water management

Water is an integral part of nature and society. Water sustains nature which in turn supports society. Water, it passes through both human and natural systems dispensing ‘life’ as it goes on day and night without fail for ages. It inspired man and upon it great civilizations were built. Nonetheless, it is neither a commodity which we have the right to own nor a resource which can never be exhausted. Since it sustains us and the nature which supports us, we are both the custodian and debtor to it. Yet, today the world around us is plagued with water issues such as water pollution, destruction of water catchments, droughts, floods and so on as man dominates his natural world. Thus, this seminar is aimed towards bringing ourselves the stakeholders to a realisation that we must work together to ensure water is managed in a sustainable manner for the good of all

Venue: Vistana Hotel, Penang, Malaysia
Date: 28-29 November 2005-10-05

Who should attend?
Academics and researchers
University students
Government Officers
Private firms, industries and water service providers
Research Institutions
Anyone who is concerned about water and the environment

The seminar focuses on sub-themes such as
Sustainable development and sustainable management of water
Public awareness, water education and capacity building
Socio-economic and legal issues/perspectives concerning Water
Environmental (scientific) issues/perspectives concerning water
Water and wastewater engineering
Water resources and hydrologic modelling
Traditional water management

For more information, contact
Prof Abu Hassan Ahmad,
School of Biological Sciences
(Pusat Pengajian Sains Kajihayat)
Universiti Sains Malaysia
11800, Penang, Malaysia

Email:[email protected] or [email protected]
Tel: 604-6533888 ext 3503, 3504
Fax: 604-6565125


Ms Diljit Kaur
Seminar Secretariat
Tel: 604 6533888 ext 3961

From 28 Nov 2005
Until 29 Nov 2005
Penang, Malaysia
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