The Millionaire Show 2008

Kuala Lumpur - The Millionaire Show will be the extravaganza show, bringing to you scores of luxurious products and top of the line services from top international companies around the world.

A hand phone that worth $500,000 emblazoned with diamond, an artistic painting that worth $3 millions, a limited edition luxury car that cost millions of dollars and more. Don’t be surprised as you will witness all these exclusive items and more at The Millionaire Show 2008 when you embark on one of the greatest events that celebrates luxury to the finest. The Millionaire Show will be the extravaganza show, bringing to you scores of luxurious products and top of the line services from top international companies around the world.

It will be the most glamorous and exclusive shows in town which offers opportunity for direct interaction with your prospective clients. The show itself is an illustration and celebration of luxury lifestyle for many high-end, famous, trend spotters, affluent as well as wannabes alike who want to be inspired by the luxury.

Top luxury brand need to understand that The Millionaire Show is not primarily concerning of selling product whereas we are selling a priceless experience throughout this journey to your clients. An experience of luxury and exclusivity which is specially tailored to meet the demands and needs of your unique band of guests.


- Top-notch entertainment full of glitter and glamour.

- Feel the glam of true celebrity when you walk down the red carpet to the entrance under the dazzling limelight.
- World class performance by famous artist to serenade guests throughout the day.
- Watch international fashion runway show with violin performance synchronize at the centre stage.
- Indulge in finest finger foods and even enjoy lavish and sumptuous lunch or dinner prepared by highly-acclaimed chef.
- Enjoy free flow of top quality wine and champagne just to quench your thirst.
- Enjoy the finest cigar freshly roll right in front of you.
- Attend only the most exclusive party in town.


Participating in exhibition is conventional practice for many frontrunner luxury brands overseas. Majority will agree that exhibition is a catalyst that offers abundant advantages as compare with customary marketing gambit and communication. The exhibition will get to:

- Meet face-to-face with your existing and prospective clients.

- Build prospect database
- Enable the brand to further reinforce their position as the luxury brand worldwide.
- Conduct market research and receiving invaluable feedback from clients.
- Increase brand loyalty and target a new group of prospective high-end buyers.
- Launch new products or services.
- Generating media exposure to expand your message to audience that matters.
- Market positioning

Millionaire shows have established core positioning in many overseas countries and the concept has been successfully established in countries such as: Amsterdam, Russia, Belgium, France and etc where top luxury industry congregate to present their best and exclusive products and services to high-caliber consumers.


- Antiques & collectibles
- Art
- Automobiles
- Banking & investment
- Boats & yachts
- Electronic gadgets
- Fashion & haute couture
- Health & medical
- Hobbies & sports
- Home entertainment, sound & visual
- Home décor
- Jewellery
- Private jets, aircrafts & helicopters
- Property
- Spa & beauty
- Timepieces
- Travel
- Wine & dining


High net group, high-end luxury consumers segment, businessmen, millionaire, successful entrepreneurs, trend spotters, royal families, cultural elite group, social networkers and celebrities from all across globe. Guests who attend are solely by exclusive invitation.

The Organiser
Elite Expo Sdn Bhd

Malaysia HQ
4-3, Jalan Radin Anum Satu, Sri Petaling,
57000 Kuala Lumpur, West Malaysia.
Tel: (603) 9058 8772
Fax: (603) 9058 8773
Email: [email protected]

From 17 Jul 2008
Until 20 Jul 2008
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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