China's BIGGEST conference focusing on the fast-growing wastewater treatment sector

The treatment percentage of China's urban wastewater reached 63% in 2007, up from 52% in 2005. However, the possible extrusion effect arising from the 4 trillion yuan stimulus package, the financing difficulty in building new WWTPs and upgrading existing WWTPs, the lack of expertise in plant operations, the imbalance between WWTP operational costs and returns, the poor sewer network coverage and the insufficient technical support for wastewater treatment and basin treatment together comprise a formidable obstacle to the sustained increase of the country's urban wastewater treatment ratio. China Wastewater Treatment 2009 will therefore be presented to enlighten you upon the emerging opportunities as well as response strategies in order to create the win-win situation between China's environmental protection and industry practitioners

What Makes CWWT 2009 a Unique Event´╝č

China's BIGGEST conference focusing on the fast-growing wastewater treatment sector

An exclusive meet-and-greet occasion gathering 200+ top professionals from global wastewater fraternity

In-depth insights into China's current lack of sufficient capital, treatment technology and operational expertise arising from the endeavor to significantly increase wastewater treatment ratio

Constructive proposals in terms of response strategies to the 4 trillion yuan stimulus package

Thorough analysis of China's wastewater treatment market as a port of shelter from global financial tsunami

Comprehensive evaluation of the changes, opportunities and growth strategies in the industrial wastewater treatment market

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From 11 Jun 2009
Until 12 Jun 2009
Beijing China
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