NIMS Conference 2013 - Structure Control of Atomic/Molecular Thin Films and Their Applications

NIMS Conference 2013 will be discussing the latest innovations in nano electronics. Registration deadline is June 23 and abstract submission deadline is May 17.

Electronics, including large scale integrated circuit (LSI) is the base for ubiquitous network society. Recently we recognized rapid development in cloud computing by smartphones and mobile gears. Here we receive a full benefit of the service provided by internet. As well recognized, our society is full of electronics devices and many modern cars are controlled by electronics system. Electronics, what we call, is the fundamentals for the industrial society.

The modern electronic device has been improved to show high speed operation and low power operation by fine patterning and high density packing on the " Moore's Law". However this trend is almost to be close to the limit. To overcome the limit, new materials and new device structure are required.

One of the candidate materials is organic molecules. Especially the organic molecular film shows two dimensional growth of layer by layer and is expected to be a candidate for 2D devices. Recently by fusion with inorganic materials, they are found to show new functionality. To realize such 2D structures, the atomic layer deposition and thin film growth from 2D nano sheet is proposed. Also nano scale characterization using X-ray or neutron scattering show significant development. These materials development, structure control and improvement of characterization tool are the critical factors in making innovation in nano electronics.

In order to discuss these three key issues, NIMS is going to organize the "NIMS Conference 2013" entitled, "Structure Control of Atomic / Molecular Thin Films and Their Applications" from July 1st to 3rd in 2013 in Tsukuba Science City. In this conference, we will discuss new materials, new technology, related synthesis method and sophisticated characterization tools.

During the NIMS Conference 2013, we will celebrate the "NIMS Award 2013" to a researcher who contributed to these research field on nano electronics and an award-winning lecture will be given by the winner. We also invite plenary talks on these fields by researchers from domestic as well as overseas. 5 organized sessions are scheduled for two days. We believe this NIMS conference will provide you new insight and idea in researching. We welcome you and hope to enjoy this NIMS conference 2013.

From 01 Jul 2013
Until 03 Jul 2013
Tsukuba International Congress Center, EPOCHAL TSUKUBA 2-20-3, Takezono, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-0032, Japan
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