MedKnow (Medical Knowledge) Publications is the largest publisher in India for academic and scientific medical journals. The publishing house is...
Lao People's Democratic Republic
The Mekong Wetlands Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Use Programme (MWBP) is a joint programme of the four riparian governments of the...
Institution Details Monash University has been a higher educational institution for almost 50 years. It has several campuses located in Victoria, Australia and at several locations around the world.
1. The Centre for Science and Technology of the Non-aligned and Other Developing Countries (NAM S&T Centre) was established in August 1989 in...
Located in the heart of the fascinating city of Tokyo, The National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS) is an international premier policy school with the aim of contributing to the betterment of democratic governance around the world. We excel at providing interdisciplinary education for future leaders in the public sector and conduct research on contemporary policy issues to generate innovative solutions.
National Institute for Basic Biology
The National Institute for Basic Biology (NIBB) in Japan was founded in 1977 to promote and stimulate studies in the field of biology. As a center...
National Media Development Center (NMDC) a non-profit and social media organization has been established with an objective to promote and strengthen provincial media providing media management and journalism skills.
Natural Farming Network is an alliance of institutions working for the research and development of natural farming.
United Kingdom
Nature Publishing Group (NPG) is a division of Macmillan Publishers Ltd, dedicated to serving the academic and professional scientific community....
• NIAS - Nordic Institute of Asian Studies is a Nordic research and service institute with an international mandate and a focus on political,...