The Science Media Centre of Japan is an independent, non-profit organisation aimed at supporting those who communicate science into the world.
Seoul National University
South Korea
- Established in 1946 as the first national university in Korea, SNU has been an indisputable leader of higher education in Korea. ...
Singapore Health & Biomedical Congress is a must-attend vital platform for healthcare delegates to learn, share and equip themselves with extended knowledge.
Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS) is one of Singapore's six national universities and its mission is to provide lifelong education...
Singapore-ETH Centre was established by ETH Zurich and Singapore's National Research Foundation to solve global challenges on urban sustainability, resilience and health
The Singapore-​ETH Centre aims to provide practical solutions to some of the most pressing challenges on urban sustainability, resilience and health through its programmes: Future Cities Lab Global (FCL Global), Future Resilient Systems (FRS), and Future Health Technologies (FHT).
SARPV Bangladesh is a national non-governmental organisation working with and for people with disabilities in Bangladesh....
The SOUTHEAST ASIAN MEDIA STUDIES ASSOCIATION, also known as SEAMSA, is an international, non-profit, non-government community of academics, researchers, and media practitioners, who are actively involved in and committed to the study and research of the mass media of Southeast Asian nations, cultures, and peoples. SEAMSA is the main organizer of the annual Southeast Asian Media Studies Conference (SEAMSC) and the publisher of the semi-annual Southeast Asian Media Studies Journal (SEAMSJ).
Sparta Institute of Social Studies
United States
Studies in Islam and the Middle East Journal