21550 - Research Assistant - Prof Edward Chow's Lab

Job Description Looking for a full-time Research Assistant/Research Associate in the Chow laboratory to support research related to understanding immunotherapy-based combination treatment in liver cancer. Applicant will also partial support laboratory management. Duties & Responsibilities Collect and process primary tumor samples for ex vivo cancer studies. Perform drug screening experiments on liver cancer patient-derived avatars in vitro and in vivo. Perform project-related molecular and cancer biology experiments including but not limited to: Wester Blot, Flow Cytometry, qRT-PCR, fluorescent microscopy, processing patient blood and tumor samples, data analysis and processing Support Lab Manager with various laboratory management and maintenance work. Qualifications • Bachelor’s degree in biology, biomedical science, molecular biology, life science or related areas. • Research experience in immuno-oncology is preferred • Research experience processing patient or patient-derived blood and tumor samples preferred.

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Full time
17 Aug 2023