Digital Media and Communication: Human, Data and Innovative Technology - Call for Papers

Swinburne Viet Nam invites you to contribute a paper and to attend the 1st International Conference on Media and Communication (ICMC-2023), taking place on November 16th, 2023, in Hanoi and online.

The conference is a forum for experts and leaders in the media industry both domestically and internationally. At ICMC 2023, we aim to explore the diverse aspects of digital communication in the context that data science and AI are increasingly involved in the production cycle and operation of the media and communication industry, thereby capturing the opportunities and challenges presented by these technologies.  

The conference covers the presentation of experts from prestigious organizations and universities around the world: Asst. Prof. Alexander J. Klemm - Director of Southeast Asian Media Studies Association, Dr. Mark Finn - Senior Lecturer at Swinburne University of Technology, Dr. Long Pham - Senior Research Coordinator at University College Cork, etc.

Moreover, various famous leaders and experts in the field of communications will also participate in the conference: Mr. Le Quoc Vinh - Chairman & CEO of Le Group of Companies, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Son - President of MVV Entrepreneurship Academy, Mr. Le Xuan Long - CEO of PMAX, Dr. Trung Huynh - Founder of Actable AI and ChatBD, etc. And more presentations from experts in the media industry.  The proceedings of ICMC 2023 will be published by Swinburne Vietnam, SEAMSA and a Publishing Partner. Besides, a special journal issue collecting selected scholarly articles at the conference will be published by SEAMSA - a member of the Asian Journal Network that owns a system of 15 Asian scientific journals.  

Kindly note the Important date as below: 

Topic/ Abstract Submission:   10/10/2023  

Paper Submission Deadline:   20/10/2023  

Please submit your paper via email: [email protected]

This is the link to the landing page of the conference: The conference is now open for registration. The fee for attendance is 20USD.  

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Start date: 
16 Nov 2023
02 Oct 2023