13 Apr 2011
Summaries of newsworthy papers - Language: Keeping linguistic variation in the family; Neuroscience: Creating human neurons that model schizophrenia; Fossils: A fresh start for early eukaryotes; Physics: Atomic currents in a spin; Physics: Simulating quantum magnetism; And finally… Ear evolution caught in the act
03 Apr 2011
Summaries of newsworthy papers - Nanotechnology: Some nanoparticles affect pregnant mice; Geoscience: Large carbon stocks in mangroves; Medicine: Keeping bone from forming in the wrong place; Photonics: Extremely stable optical lattice clocks; Chemical Biology: Cannabis without hallucinations; And finally…Neuroscience: Itching for answers
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01 Apr 2011
In the absence of vitamin A, the body loses immune cells that put the brakes on the earliest stages of infection
27 Mar 2011
Summaries of newsworthy papers - Genetics: Genetic interactions in HIV-1 drug resistance; Chemical Biology: Harmful protein misfolding in cancer; Cell Biology: A microRNA that regulates insulin resistance; Immunology: The regulatory function of intact tissues; Geoscience: Long-distance earthquake triggering restricted to small events.
21 Mar 2011
Summaries of newsworthy papers - Medicine: Predicting diabetes development; Methods: Rapid, high-resolution, label-free imaging; Immunology: X-linked defects in B cell production; Geoscience: Fjord dynamics could affect Greenland glacier stability
07 Mar 2011
Summaries of newsworthy papers - Medicine: Minimally invasive diagnosis of Down syndrome; Genetics: Variants associated with heart disease; Methods: A simple pluripotency test for human stem cells; Chemical Biology: TB in view; Genetics: Variant associated with high risk of sick sinus syndrome; And finally…Biotechnology: Biofuels from proteins
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14 Jan 2011
Humanized mouse models help clarify the origins of leukemia and the cellular processes that lead to its recurrence, providing hope for a cure for this intractable blood disease.
12 Jan 2011
Summaries of newsworthy papers - Astronomy: Clustering galaxies seen in the very early Universe; Comment: Counting the cost of corruption in earthquake zones; Neuroscience: Modelled tinnitus treatment rings true; Quantum physics: Entangled light stored in crystals; And finally... Teething trouble .
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24 Dec 2010
A newly characterized protein promotes embryonic brain formation by hiding a receptor with the potential to undermine this process.
22 Dec 2010
Summary of newsworhty papers: Genomics: Digital DNA; Genetics: The genetics of impulsivity; Genomes: Functional elements on the fly
21 Nov 2010
Summaries of newsworthy papers in Nature and NAture Research Journals including Medicine: Identity theft, Structural & Molecular Biology: Switching BRCA1, Genetics: Variants associated with age at menarche, Genetics: Variants associated with Crohn’s disease and Nature: From brain cancer to blood vessel
24 Oct 2010
Summaries of newsworthy papers include: History of Haitian earthquakes; Rupture of an unmapped fault in Haiti; Genetics: Genetic variants associated with bladder cancer
29 Sep 2010
Summaries of newsworthy papers include: Safeguarding our water; Translating cancer research into personalized care; Growth opportunities; Triple entanglement of superconducting quantum bits; Oceanography: Mixing it up; Cancer: RANKL rankles; Hints of exotic pairing in an ultracold gas
26 Sep 2010
Summaries of newsworthy papers include: Quantum computing: Silicon spintronics; Saudi Arabian volcano crisis
11 Aug 2010
Summaries of newsworthy papers include: Biology: Knockout rats
11 Aug 2010
Summaries of newsworthy papers include: Wired for anxiety?; Oscillating convection cells in marine cloud fields; Ancient mantle reservoir identified; A closer look at ferromagnets; A fractal surprise in a high-temperature superconductor
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26 Jun 2010
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) showcased an array of innovations which range from stem cell research to energy-saving device and RFID technology. These breakthroughs have impressed overseas audience at the 38th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva in Switzerland.
18 Jun 2010
Pioneering work on the immune system in our gut reveals the important role of intestinal ‘microfold’ cells in the functioning of our immune system.
09 Jun 2010
What makes a moon?; Tracing Jewish roots; Sex bias in trials and treatment must end; ‘Random walk’ helps predators find food; Supply and demand; Stem-cell promise; Bubbles from bubbles
02 May 2010
Aspirin leads to beneficial lipids; Variants associated to Paget’s disease of bone; Malaria-induced marrow changes; Stem cells’ biochemistry revealed; Woolly mammoth’s cold adaptation
16 Apr 2010
Two new strategies target a deadly cancer that eludes conventional chemotherapy
07 Apr 2010
In Nature China this week: The calcium-sensing receptor is important not only for bone development, but also for tooth development
24 Mar 2010
Sequencing of ancient mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) identifies a previously unknown hominin who lived in the mountains of central Asia between 48,000 and 30,000 years ago.
21 Mar 2010
Clinical promise for RNA interference; To catch a virus; The helping and hurting hands of microglia; Sugar assembly line in tuberculosis; Hemoglobin variants associated with malaria parasite transmission; Niche genetics influence leukaemia; Vitamin A biofortification in corn; Intense star formation in distant galaxies
03 Mar 2010
In Nature China this week: Researchers in Xiamen have created four chlorinated fullerenes featuring triple sequentially fused pentagons
14 Feb 2010
Summaries of newsworthy papers: Variants associated with dementia, Makeover to yield designer proteins?, Unprecedented pressure from ocean acidification, A new villain in multiple sclerosis, Deletion associated with childhood developmental delay and Melting glaciers in Greenland fjords
07 Feb 2010
Summaries of newsworthy papers: A potential new treatment for osteoporosis; Drivers of deforestation; Reprogramming with minicircles and Western Australian drought unique in 750 years?
24 Jan 2010
A new role for prion protein; Proteins implicated in magnetoreception; Clocking perceptual speed; Risk variants for pancreatic cancer; Getting to the bones of echolocation; Jupiter’s moons diverged through bombardment; New chemistry clicks and Levitated half-tonne magnet recreates planetary plasmas
07 Dec 2009
Lee (Kok) Pat Moi has developed a new chemical composition, Bone Materials: Hydroxyapaptite nanoparticles, which could be used to help bone patients lead a better life.
22 Nov 2009
Bacterial skin care, Mismatch associated with graft-versus-host-disease, East Antarctic ice loss, High levels of HLA-C associated with slower HIV/AIDS progression, A stroke against stroke, Balancing European emissions, Assessing natural memory and An amplifier for terahertz waves


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