12 Oct 2005
More from Nature - Abnormal chromosome numbers produce tumours; Short-term earthquake prediction still elusive; South American dinosaur updates family tree; Viruses energize host cells
05 Oct 2005
Summaries of newsworthy papers from Nature Vol.437 No.7060 Dated 06 October 2005 including How earthquakes trigger distant tremors; Fungus lets bacterial subtenant do the work; The staying power of neural stem cells; Male tears have sex appeal
05 Oct 2005
In August 2004, the first HPAI virus was isolated in the state of Kelantan, Malaysia. From that time to July 2005, 35 HPAI viruses were isolated from at least 12 localities from this state.
28 Sep 2005
Porous material has huge, handed holes; Understanding antibodies; The Dune thing; Diatoms delve deep for nutrients to stay alive; Human protein interactions go large scale; Corrupting the bacterial quorum; Quicksand won't suck you right in
25 Sep 2005
NATURE AND THE NATURE RESEARCH JOURNALS PRESS RELEASE - For papers published online on 25 September 2005
14 Sep 2005
At the National University of Singapore, Professor Gopalakrishnakone and his team have recently started working with the NUS Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Initiative on the use of quantum dots to deliver toxins to target areas.
28 Aug 2005
This research identified a new response factor triggered by intracellular sensors of many types of viruses, which may open up new ways of enhancing our ability to fight infections.
28 Aug 2005
Nature and the Nature Research Journals Press Release - For papers that will be published online on 28 August 2005
21 Aug 2005
Nature Medicine - Press release for papers that will be published online on 21 August 2005
18 Aug 2005
Seminars to be held at Keio School of Medicine (Shinanomachi Campus) in August and September
22 Jul 2005
A report of a volunteer study in Bangladeshi adults of a candidate oral cholera vaccine, Peru-15, has been shown to be safe and effective.
19 Jul 2005
GPS data confirm huge dimension of Boxing Day quake; Genes shine light on mosquito bacterial infections; Mutants arise from Sleeping Beauty; Birds' ancestors showed modern breathing mode; Three's a crowd; Raptors fly the flag for biodiversity
19 Jul 2005
SARS receptor identified in vivo; Insights into the carbon trade; Nitric oxide targets cysteine; Understanding a side effect of TZDs; TACI is mutant in common variable immunodeficiency and IgA deficiency; Genetic influences on anxiety.
12 Jun 2005
Isolation of carrageenase and agarase-producing bacterium from sea urchin
11 Jun 2005
Biochemistry: Finding nitric oxide in an oxygen haystack Drug discovery: Keeping iron away from bacteria Microbiology: Structure of the quorum-sensing pheromone ComX revealed
07 Jun 2005
The team has identified foetal nucleated "erythrocytes" (bone marrow cells which later become red blood cells) as ideal for non-invasive prenatal diagnosis. These cells are extracted from the maternal blood.
07 Jun 2005
Nature and the Nature research journals press release for papers that go live on Sunday 5 June 2005
07 Jun 2005
Press release for Nature 2 June issue. Vol 435, no 7042
07 Jun 2005
Press release for 26 May issue of Nature. Vol 435, no. 7041


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