03 Jul 2023
An international research team has discovered that a subduction zone’s age affects the ability for it to recycle water between the Earth’s surface and its inner layers. The more mature the subduction zone, the bigger the water storage capacity.
10 Nov 2020
Researchers in Japan, the US and China say they have found more concrete evidence of the volcanic cause of the largest mass extinction of life. Their research looked at two discrete eruption events: one that was previously unknown to researchers, and the other that resulted in large swaths of terrestrial and marine life going extinct.
24 Oct 2019
Fossil coral records provide new evidence that frequent winter shamals, or dust storms, and a prolonged cold winter season contributed to the collapse of the ancient Akkadian Empire in Mesopotamia.
Tad Patzek
04 Apr 2018
Oil expert Tadeusz Patzek aims to ensure that efficient recovery of oil and gas remains feasible whilst scientists find alternative green energy sources.
Geophones set up
22 Jan 2018
Geophysical modeling of one of the world’s most important fossil sites reveals the history of the site where early humankind evolved.
20 Dec 2017
The Argentine scientist and TWAS Fellow shed new light on the origins of one of the world’s most prolific mountain ranges, and is continuing to research the complex history of South America’s ancient landscapes.
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17 May 2017
Researchers in the USA and Japan say they may have found the cause of the first mass extinction of life.
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11 May 2017
Graphic shows plate tectonics began far later than other theories propose, adding to the ongoing debate.
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18 Jan 2016
SEPANG, SELANGOR, 13 Jan 2016 – Two scientists from The National University of Malaysia are on their way to the Antarctic for a 22-day expedition to study the link between Climate Change and the South Pole.
01 Apr 2015
A ~147 million-year-old Jurassic-aged osteoglossoid osteoglossomorph fish Paralycoptera from outcrops at Lai Chi Chong has been described. This fossil represents the first dinosaur-era fish - as well as vertebrate - from Hong Kong to be identified.
18 Mar 2015
This year’s IOP-STFC Physics Journalism Prize has been awarded to Lisa Grossman for her article ‘Quasicrystal quest: The unreal rock that nature made’, published in New Scientist.
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20 Nov 2014
The University of Malaya (UM) is pleased to announce that its international palaeontology team has now confirmed the presence of another important dinosaur fossil in Pahang, Malaysia.
28 Feb 2014
Universities Malaya, Waseda and Kumamoto have found dinosaur fossil teeth in the rural interiors of Pahang — the first known discovery of dinosaur remains in Malaysia.
07 Mar 2012
Latest news from Nature 8 March 2012
earthquake reconstruction objectives
09 Feb 2012
In response to the unprecedented disaster that Eastern Japan faced on March 11, 2011, Waseda University established a disaster response headquarters immediately after the earthquake, and worked towards determining which students, alumni and teachers were affected as well as working on other urgent needs.
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31 May 2011
Bukit Bunuh Archaeology Complex has been declared a new Quaternary Stratigraphic Unit thereby making it the only suevite stone site from the Quaternary Age (around 2 million years ago until now) discovered in Asia.
11 Mar 2011
The following experts have made themselves available for comment. For each expert, their specific research fields and areas of expertise are given.
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18 Feb 2011
The discovery of evidence in Bukit Bunuh has made it one of the most important Palaeolithic sites in the world because it has revealed a 4 km square Palaeolithic complex dating back more than 1.83 million years; 40,000; and 30,000 years.
24 Oct 2010
YPWLC which has been held for 28 years provide opportunities for young researchers from all over the world to show their skills in delivering speeches.
14 Jul 2010
Summaries of newsworthy papers include: A massive star is born; Outlook: HIV/AIDS; Understanding deep tremor; Electronic surface states that pass through barriers; The viral genome of faeces
14 Oct 2009
In Nature China this week - The 2008 Sichuan earthquake highlights how low-activity seismic zones can turn deadly over time
05 Mar 2008
The IDRC ECOPOLIS Graduate Research and Design Awards goal is to promote research and design projects that help lighten the environmental problems borne by the urban poor and enhance their financial, human, resource, and social and political assets. Deadline May 15th, 2008.
15 Nov 2007
TWAS, the Academy of Sciences for the Developing World, has announced the election of 45 new members. The election took place at the Academy’s 18th General Meeting, held in Trieste, Italy on 13 November.
12 Sep 2007
One-sixth of the world’s population is affected by tropical diseases, yet the drug ‘pipeline’ for these diseases is almost dry. Other newsworthy papers include Planet survives the red-giant phase, Pinpointing the end of Neanderthals, Two-score ice ages for Mars, Universities and the money fix and Pulsed model for continent growth
05 Sep 2007
Summaries of newsworthy papers include Killer asteroid shower identified, Protein duo make up tip links, Clue to HIV vaccine success, Materials: Tickle me!, SYNERGY sheds light on gene evolution, Symbiotic evolution: Host genes incorporated and finally… Jaws II
18 Apr 2007
Summaries of newsworthy papers include Geology: The big melts and Fossils: Tell it to the trees
04 Oct 2006
Summaries of newsworthy papers from Nature include Quantum physics: Quantum teleportation between light and matter, Geology: How does the Earth recycle? and finally… Whiskers bristle with news
27 Jun 2006
Basic Engineering Geology For Tropical Terrain, Health Needs OF Older People In A Semi-Urban Village In Malaysia, Physiology At a Glance
04 May 2006
International Journal of Oceans and Oceanography (IJOO) publishes top-level work to covering all disciplines and branches of marine sciences; marine chemistry, marine physics, marine geophysics, marine geology and more..


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