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Basic Engineering Geology For Tropical Terrain, Health Needs OF Older People In A Semi-Urban Village In Malaysia, Physiology At a Glance

Title: Basic Engineering Geology For Tropical Terrain
Author: Dr Harwant Singh and Dr Bujang B.K Huat

The book embodies the synergy between geology and engineering which plays a very vital role in ensuring the success of engineering projects and mitigation of risk from natural phenomena. It aim at bringing about the understanding of the relevant geological aspects essential for working with the earth’s surface as well as tying them with geotechnical consideration and investigations is essential for both geologist and civil engineers.

Title: Health Needs OF Older People In A Semi-Urban Village In Malaysia
Author: Sidiah Siop

This book examines the use of the Problem Classification Scheme, a tool that facilitates systemic nursing assessments, in the Malaysia setting. It describes and discuss the health problems that emerged from its use and elucidates their impact on the lives of those assessed as well as indicating some important implications for the delivery of nursing and health care service to older Malaysians.

Title: Physiology At a Glance
Author: Pratibha Gupta

This booklet on Physiology is designed to be used by medical students to apprehend the information on selected topics at a glance. Author has attempted to present the questions and answers in single line statement form in majority, making it simple and perceptive unlike a textbook. It will be quite useful in enhancing the learning process for those students, who intend to revise the vast subject instantly and before taking up a quiz or any other competition.

Published: 27 Jun 2006

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