27 Oct 2023
To quickly and accurately characterize prospective materials for use in solar energy, researchers built an automated system to perform laboratory experiments and used machine learning to help analyze the data they recorded. Their goal is to identify semiconductor materials for use in photovoltaic solar energy, which are highly efficient and have low toxicity.
20 Mar 2023
Researchers at Kanazawa University report in JACS Au how they have developed operando scanning ion conductance microscopy to allow simultaneous measurements of changes in the anode surface topography of a lithium ion battery during use, as well as the varying ion concentration with depth. Combining both types of information should help researchers evaluate the correlation between the two to design better batteries.
10 Aug 2022
- DGIST Professor Seo Dae-ha's team developed a super-resolution microscopy that can observe 3D rotational motion of endosomes using gold nanoparticles - By understanding cell transport more accurately through the observation of minute 3D rotation in intracellular transport, it is expected to develop into a disease diagnosis technology.
25 Apr 2022
Researchers overcome computational limitations to predict the starting materials of multi-step reactions using only information about the target product molecule.


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