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Printing the 'soft' robots of the future

Technology27 Feb 2019
3D printing shows potential for fabricating personalized ‘soft’ robotic hands and hearts. But challenges need to be addressed.
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Skin pigmentation recreated with 3D bioprinter

Science, Technology27 Feb 2019
Engineered human skin can look more natural when made using 3D bioprinting.
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Key flu target identified

Diseases, Medicine26 Feb 2019
A key cell receptor that facilitates influenza A virus infection has been identified following decades of research.

Delivering the goods to bone cancer

Genetics, Health, Medicine22 Feb 2019
A gene-editing Trojan horse that sneaks up on osteosarcoma cells could help the fight against this aggressive childhood bone cancer.
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Investigating the safety of Myanmar's bridges

Materials, Technology21 Feb 2019
Japanese researchers have investigated a collapsed bridge in Myanmar and surveyed the safety of seven similar bridges across the country.
Perovskite Solar Panels

Perovskite solar cells: Can we go lead-free?

Energy, Environment, Materials20 Feb 2019
Scientists are investigating the potential of non-toxic materials to replace lead in perovskite solar cells.
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Gene regulator goes to town in liver cancer

Diseases, Medicine19 Feb 2019
Hepatocellular carcinoma diagnosis, prognosis and treatment could improve by identifying a closely associated protein.
Learning community

Learning life outside the classroom

Brain, People18 Feb 2019
A multi-generational learning programme shows Hong Kong university students can learn much from older people in the community.
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Mitochondria come together to kill cancer cells

Diseases, Medicine15 Feb 2019
Uncovered details of a molecular pathway in cancer cells could lead to improved treatment.

The compounds that keep plants fresh

Plants & Animals14 Feb 2019
Controlling plant pore openings could help boost drought tolerance in live plants and extend the freshness of bouquets of cut flowers, thanks to an unusual research approach.

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