Prof. Cho Jae-Weon

Prof. Cho Jae-Weon is a professor of environmental engineering at the National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) in Ulsan, South Korea and has devised a way to convert human waste into power.

He is also the director of the Convergence Research Center (CRC), named Science Walden which is supported by the National Research Foundation of Korea. He is a founding member of North Korea Water Society under the ministry of Unification, Korea, and co-hosts the international symposium of North Korea Water Issues, from 2015, to discuss what should be done for Korean unification and on potential ways to collaborate to solve water issues in both Koreas. He has been providing small water purification units being operated without electricity (named 'OngDalSaem'), to villages in various different countries including Kenya, Sudan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Mongolia, the Philippines, and Haiti.

About Science Walden

Science Walden is a community of active scientist-artists who wish to propose a new concept to resolve issues such as the isolation of individuals, lack of communication, and financial difficulties that our society is faced with and implement the concept in the society by combining science, technology, humanities, and art. In a word, it is an aggregate of the efforts to combine science with art. Find out more:

Note from Asia Research News
In July 2021, research from Prof. Cho and his team received extensive media attention covered by at least 250 media outlets in 32 countries. Read about his experience in our Beyond the Journal blog: In the glare of the media spotlight.

Cho Jae-Weon


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