The DGIST Convergence Research Institute Digital Productivity Innovation Cluster to Participate in the “Korea International Future Auto & Mobility Expo” First Step in the Grand Transformation of the Mobility Industry

- Will participate in the “2023 Korea International Future Auto & Mobility Expo” and present DGIST’s research results and achievements in the field - Will embark fully fledged on R&D projects for future mobility technologies from the year after next…the first step in the long journey of the “grand transformation of the mobility industry” for local enterprises and businesses

□ On October 20 (Friday), the DGIST (President Kuk Yang) Convergence Research Institute announced that it would participate in the “2023 Korea International Future Auto & Mobility Expo,” which was held on October 19–21 in the Daegu EXCO, to present the research findings and achievements of the institute in the field of future mobility, and it would also start its R&D projects on core future mobility technologies.


□ At the event, DGIST exhibited approximately 40 items of various types to be enjoyed and experienced by the visitors, including autonomous vehicles and software, multi-sensor fusion-based safety control platform, hydrogen fuel cell, and mechanoluminescence diode.


□ DGIST is a government-funded research institute, formerly known as the Daegu-Gyeongbuk Research Institute of Science and Technology. With its globally renowned research excellence and state-of-the-art research facilities, DGIST is committed to enhancing the competitiveness of local industries and businesses and advancing scientific technologies at the national level. It has a total of 6 research divisions and 13 research centers hosting 155 researchers. In particular, DGIST operates the Digital Productivity Innovation Cluster to conduct customized research projects to meet industrial demands, find practical applied solutions for the manufacturing field, and provide full support for technology commercialization.


□ In addition, the DGIST Convergence Research Institute has set its key research project topic for the five-year period from 2024 as “future mobility,” aiming to support the grand transformation of the mobility industry by conducting R&D and demonstration projects concerning core future mobility technologies. The institute is planning to work on research projects on commercialization pertaining to various topics in partnership with businesses, including the development of core future mobility technologies, development of future mobility materials/parts, and demonstration of future mobility services.


□ Taehoon Kang, Director of the ICT Research Institute at DGIST (and Director of the Digital Productivity Innovation Cluster), explained the institute’s vision for the future, saying, “The importance of the mobility industry is getting bigger and bigger as the foundation of the national economy as well as the growth engine for the future, and now is the time for the auto-parts-centered local industrial ecosystem to shift toward the future mobility industry,” and “DGIST will be providing necessary support for the future mobility industry to become a key industry sector to lead the local economy through research projects by focusing on our strengths.”