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At Asia Research News, we have a strong network of researchers at institutes throughout Asia and beyond. Every so often, we pick a topic that we believe will interest journalists and invite research institutions to nominate their experts in that topic. Journalists are welcome to contact researchers directly, or reach out to us if you need help finding a source. More researchers are available on our Researchers page

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Experts for Media Selected Topics 


Experts are prepared to speak with the media about research into understanding and addressing drug and antimicrobial resistance,


We have listed more than 90 experts from 16 countries are prepared to speak with the media about their research and women in STEM.


Experts are prepared to speak with the media about a wide range of natural disasters, policy and related research.

COVID-19 Virology & Public Health

Virology and public health experts are prepared to speak with the media about the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 Economic & Social Impacts

Experts are available to speak with the media about the pandemic's economic impacts, the situation in developing countries, tourism, travel, and spread of information.


In line with the publication of Asia Research News 2020, we kick off the Experts for Media series with the brain. Research ranges from basic structure and function, to technology, diseases and treatments.


Asia Research News was a valuable resource for my story on gender equality in China's science industry - part of the South China Morning Post's International Women's Day 2022 series. Thank you ARN, and your extensive network of researchers, with special thanks to those who kindly helped with my exploration of why there are so few women in China’s top science institutes, and recent measures meant to bridge the gender gap.

Holly Chik - Reporter, China Desk, South China Morning Post

Your advice and comments for better media engagements is one of the services I like the most.
International Affairs Team, Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology (DGIST), Korea
I am impressed by the writer's ability to grasp this difficult scientific topic.
Prof Ganesh Namasivayam, Institute For Integrated Cell-Material Sciences (iCeMS), Japan
“We have gone through the very informative magazine and have found the projects very interesting.”
First Secretary, Embassy of India, Norway
"Beautiful graphics, pictures that convey the atmosphere wherein research happens, nice facial expressions of researchers... it's lovely."
Kanazawa University, Japan
This is very, very nice! Very professional. I don’t have emoticons in my email, but I can imagine a standing ovation.
Edgard Rodriguez, Senior Program Specialist and Lead for Knowledge for Democracy - Myanmar (K4DM) Initiative
“While assisting my nieces on Asian pioneers in science, I came upon your Giants in History. Thank you, love the site, really helps to inspire young people to enter the science fields”
Dal Basi