Ts. Dr. Fauziah Tufail Ahmad

My current research is generally on the bioactive compounds, antioxidant and antimicrobial properties especially from agricultural by-product. Recently, I have found that these agricultural by-product has a promising potential to be used as biopesticide. They are not expensive, practical and will not significantly affect the environment and human health.

Research interest
- Stability of antioxidants in food during storage
- Lutein and lutein ester stability
- Antioxidants with antimicrobial properties (plants, waste, animal feed)
- Stability of stevia in food
- Natural preservative
- Post harvest quality
- Waste utilization

Areas of expertise: Food science and technology (phytochemistry, food microbiology, postharvest)

Brief career history

Institution: Universiti Malaysia Terengganu (UMT)- current
Position: Lecturer (DS51)
Specialization: Food Science and Technology (Antioxidant stability and Food Microbiology)
Date: September 2013 until present
Work Description: Responsible in teaching, research, publication, student supervision, administration, committee member in official events.

Institution: Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri Terengganu (JKNT)
Position: Food Technologist
Specialization: Food Analysis Monitoring
Department: Food Quality Control
Date: June 2004 until June 2006
Work Description:
1. Responsible in food analysis doing chemical, microbiological and physical tests such as pathogen in food, food additives, heavy metal in food etc.
2. Responsible in doing formaldehyde analysis for local fish
3. Accompanied the Food Technologist to the industrial site for license requirement ; Kenyir One mineral water, Soy sauce factory.
4. Accompanied the Health Inspectors doing premise inspections.
5. Invited speaker on a) Food Safety and Hygiene b) Self inspection at canteen/ hostel kitchen.
6. Accompanied the Food Technologist in court for contravene sample case.
7. Responsible as a secretariat for meeting, seminars sponsored by Jabatan Kesihatan Negeri Terengganu.

Institution: Kolej Universiti Sains dan Teknologi Malaysia (KUSTEM)
Position : Researcher Assistant
Specialization : Food Technology
Department : Food Science and Technology
Date : August 2003 until May 2004
Work Description : Assist the researcher on the project of product development from yam

Department of Crop Science, Faculty of Fisheries and Food Science
Academic discipline: