Focus On: Experts for Media

A resource for journalists to find stories and sources.

At Asia Research News, we have a strong network of researchers at institutes throughout Asia and beyond. Every so often, we pick a topic that we believe will interest journalists and invite research institutions to nominate their experts in that topic. Journalists are welcome to contact researchers directly, or reach out to us if you need help finding a source. More researchers are available on our Researchers page

Focus On: Women

In honor of International Women's Day, we are highlighting women in science. More than 50 experts from 16 countries are prepared to speak with the media about their research and women in STEM.


Experts are prepared to speak with the media about a wide range of natural disasters, policy and related research.




COVID-19 Virology & Public Health

Virology and public health experts are prepared to speak with the media about the COVID-19 pandemic.



construction worker

COVID-19 Economic & Social Impacts

Experts are available to speak with the media about the pandemic's economic impacts, the situation in developing countries, tourism, travel, and spread of information.




In line with the publication of Asia Research News 2020, we kick off the Focus On series with the brain. Research ranges from basic structure and function, to technology, diseases and treatments.