Asst. Prof. Dr Irina S Zen

Dr. Irina's research focuses on sustainability, including an analysis of environmental management, the urban environment, climate change adaptation and mitigation, and education for sustainable development, or ESD, and its application in real-world contexts.

Dr. Irina has worked in sustainability related research for over 15 years and her work primarily relates to low carbon campus, low carbon society, sustainability science, education for sustainable development as well as the policy analysis. 

She is currently attached to the department of urban and regional planning at Kuliyyah Architecture and Environmental Design, as well as a fellow at the Sejahtera Center for Sustainability and Humanity at International Islamic University Malaysia. She is also working on a project with Okayama University on reorientation education for sustainable development, or ESD.

During her tenure ship as Senior Lecturer at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, UTM , she served as Director of UTM's campus sustainability and Chief Scientist for low carbon campus as an action oriented research under Malaysia Green Technology corporation and climate change center (2012 -2017). She served as a science advisor for MelakaGreenTechnology Corporation in developing Melaka climate action plan for Melaka state, under University-Industry collaboration for 2016 to 2019. 

Research Interests

Education for Sustainable Development, ESD
Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation
Greenhouse Gas Emission
Urban Environment
Resource Conservation & Management
Environmental Economics

Notable features of her work:

(1) Sustainability Leadership for community, a framework that link action oriented research with the policy implication;

(2) Development of climate action plan from greenhouse gas, GHG inventory data for climate adaptation and mitigation; and

(3) Reorientation education by using Okayama Model of education for sustainable development, ESD.

(4) Development of Sustainability Science framework for Bali, UNESCO World Heritage Site towards Biosphere Reserve site.  


1. High Impact Responsible Innovation Awards (Arts & Social Science) IIUM TAKRIM 2021, International Islamic University Malaysia

2. Silver Medal Award. Sustainability Leadership for Community: Translating Policy into Action. International Invention Development & Exposition, IiDEX, 2020. Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia. 

3. Gold Medal Special Award. Sustainability Leadership for Community: Translating Policy into Action. World Academic Invention Conference, WAIC 2020, Seoul, Korea.

4. World Environmentalist Sciences Grand Award. 2020. The 7th World Scientist Awards, WSA 2020 Seoul, Korea.

5. Gold Award. ‘Campus Living Learning Lab – A Transformative and Integrative Sustainability Framework for Higher Education Institution in Malaysia’ in Innovative Practices in Education and Industry Exhibition (I-PEINX 2016) A collaboration between UTM and LaTrobe University, under Malaysia University Research Network, MRUN and Australia, Innovative Research University, IRU. 


Selected publications

1. Irina Safitri Zen, M. Salim Uddin, Abul Quasem Al-Amin, Adeel Ahmed, AbdulAziz I Almuhim, and Brent Doberstein. 2021. " Socio Economic Determinants of Households’ Carbon Footprint in Iskandar Malaysia". Journal of Cleaner Production. (Quartile 1, ISI Web of Science)

2. Irina Safitri Zen, Abul Quasem Al-Amin, Md Mahmudul Alam, and Brent Doberstein. 2021. "Magnitudes of households’ carbon footprint in Iskandar Malaysia: Policy implications for sustainable development." Journal of Cleaner Production: 128042. (Q1, ISI WoS)

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12. Melaka State Climate Action Plan 2020 – 2030. Irina Safitri Zen, Hasleenda Salleh & Gobi Krishna. UTM, Melaka GreenTech & IIUM. MGTC Pub. 

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