Prof. Jooyong Kim

Prof. Jooyong Kim's research interest includes the development of smart fashion products based on electronic textiles.


B.S in textile engineering, Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea ( 1990)
M.S degree textile engineering from Seoul National University, Seoul, South Korea (1992)
Ph.D. degree of textiles at North Carolina State University, Raleigh, USA (1998)
Post-doctoral researcher at department of mechanical & aerospace engineering of UCLA, California, USA (1998-1999)

Selected publications

Vu, Cuong & Kim, Jooyong. (2021). Waterproof, thin,high-performance pressure sensors-hand drawing for underwater wearable applications.Science and Technology of Advanced Materials. 10.1080/14686996.2021.1961100.

Truong, TranThuyNga &Kim, Ji-Seon &Kim, Jooyong. (2021). Design and Optimization of Embroidered Antennas on Textile Using Silver Conductive Thread for Wearable Applications. Fibers amd Polymers. 10.1007/s12221-021-0030-1.

Ko, Yelin, Chi C. Vu, and Jooyong Kim. 2021. "Carbonized Cotton Fabric-Based Flexible Capacitive Pressure Sensor Using a Porous Dielectric Layer with Tilted Air Gaps" Sensors 21, no. 11: 3895.

Vu, Chi C., Thanh T. Nguyen, Sangun Kim, and Jooyong Kim. 2021. "Effects of 3D Printing-Line Directions for Stretchable Sensor Performances" Materials 14, no. 7: 1791.


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