Professor Kewei Gao

Dr. KeweiGao is the Professor of Materials Physics, and the Associate Chair of the Department of Materials Physics and Chemistry at University of Science and Technology Beijing (USTB).


She holds a Bachelorin Physics from the Department of Physics at USTB, a Ph.D in Materials Physics from the Department of Materials Physics and Chemistry at USTB. She heads the Surface and Interface research group at USTB.

Research Interests

Understanding of mechanochemical effect of materialsrelated to environmental degradation, such as corrosion, stress corrosion cracking and hydrogen embrittlement of steels, intermetallics, Ni-based alloy, and functional ceramics.

Improving  surface properties of materials by different techniques, like magnetron sputtering, ion implantation, as well as surface oxidation.

Selected publications (English only)

1)Qiufa Xu, KeweiGao, Yanbin Wang, Xiaolu Pang. Characterization of corrosion products formed on different surfaces of steel exposed to simulated groundwater solution. Applied Surface Science, 2015,345:10-17.

2)ZijianGuo, XiaoluPang,YuYan,Kewei Gao, Alex A.Volinsky,Tong-Yi Zhang. CoCrMo alloy for orthopedic implant application enhanced corrosion and tribocorrosion properties by nitrogen ion implantation.Applied Surface Science, 2015,347:23-34.

3)Liang Wei, Yucheng Zhang, Xiaolu Pang, KeweiGao. Corrosion behaviors of steels under supercritical CO2conditions. Corros Reviews, 2015,33:151-174.

4)Qiufa Xu, Kewei Gao, Chao Liu ,Lei Zhang, Quanlin Liu, Xiaolu Pang. Crevice corrosion of copper for radioactive waste packaging material in simulated groundwater. Corrosion Engineering Science and Technology, 2015:1-7.

5)Shaopeng Qu, Xiao Li, KeweiGao, Xiaolu Pang. The effect of exposure angle on the corrosion behavior of low carbon microalloyed steel under CO2condition.Corrosion, 2015,71:343-351.

Materials Physics and Chemistry
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