Assoc Professor Dr LOH, Siew Yim

Assoc Prof Dr Loh Siew Yim is a senior lecturer at the faculty of Medicine in University of Malaya, Malaysia Her research interest is cancer survivorship, and behavioural medicine .

Dr Loh is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya. She is trained in Applied Rehabilitation (UK), Medical Education (UWCM, UK), Counselling (Mal) and her doctorate study is on Patient Self Management (Australia). She teaches OncoRehabilitation, PsychoSocial Oncology, Occupational Science, Research methodology, and Community-engagement. Her research interests include Cancer survivorship,  PsychoOncology, Onco-rehabilitation, Patient Self Management (for Chronic Diseases including Cancer), Occupational Sciences, Cancer Prevention and Behavioural Medicine. 

Dr Loh is the author of 5 books, 3 book chapters and more than a 100 ISI/Scopus Journal papers, with several copyright/patents from her research.  She is the Associate Editor for International OT Journal, and also the editorial board for several Journals.  She has been an active reviewer of Journal manuscripts (eg from PLOS one, BMC Public Health, Disability and Rehabilitation, Asia Pacific Public Health, PschoOncology).  She was also a reviewer for abstracts for World Conferences (WFOT, Nutrition, Asia Health Literacy, PsychoOncology), and as a 2019 UICC Technical Applicant's Reviewer. She was an invited reviewer for several new BSc and Master program proposal for the MQA Board, Malaysia.

Dr Loh is a two-times recipient of the Malaysia Public Scholar (JPA) Scholarships, a recipient of the Australia's International Postgraduate Research Scholarship, and the 2009 World Cancer Conference 's Scholar Scholarship awardee. She has numerous other local and international awards.  She is one of the three finalist for the  prestigious 2011 British Medical Journal's Group Award for Translating Knowledge into Practice, the  Australia's 2004 IPRIS Scholarship, the Union International cancer control (UICC) 2005 Scholar Scholarships, the 2009 Lance Armstrong Livestrong Travel Award , the 2012 International PsychoOncology (IPOS) travel award,  the Global Cancer Summit Travel Scholarships, UICC Geneva 2009 Travel Scholarship for Capacity Building workshop, IARC Lyon fellowship 2018, USA NIH Cancer Prevention Fellowship 2019 and NIH Fogathy Travel Award 2020.  She is the current Chair for Cancer Health Literacy under the International Health Literacy Consortium USA. Dr Loh is also the Malaysia collaborator for the ICare COVID19 Study with PI from Canada and with collaborators from 40 countries.

Dr Loh is also active in community work. She is the founder of the KeepAble Cancer Community in Petaling Jaya, an academician led cancer prevention, cancer supportive volunteer-group that has been featured in national star paper and USA caring magazine. She has contributed actively in media and newspaper articles to educate the public on cancer prevention and for improving health literacy.

Selected publications

Selamat, M. H., Loh, S. Y., Mackenzie, L., Vardy, J. 2014. Chemobrain Experienced by Breast Cancer Survivors: A Meta-Ethnography Study Investigating Research and Care Implications Plos One.

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Siew Yim Loh & Aisya Nadia (2015) Methods to improve rehabilitation of patients following breast cancer surgery: A review of systematic reviews. Breast Cancer: Targets and Therapy 47012

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