Professor Manabu Tokeshi

Manabu Tokeshi is a Professor at the Division of Applied Chemistry at Hokkaido University.

Professor Tokeshi is also a visiting Professor at Innovative Research Center for Preventive Medical Engineering, and Institute of Innovation for Future Society at Nagoya University. He is a board member of the Chemical & Biological Microsystem Society (CBMS) which oversees the International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemical and Life Sciences (╬╝TAS). He has been serving as an Associate Editor of Lab on a Chip (Royal Society of Chemistry) and an editorial board member of four international journals.

He received his PhD degree from Kyushu University in 1997. After a research fellow of the Japan Society of Promotion of Science at The University of Tokyo, he worked at Kanagawa Academy of Science and Technology as a researcher (1998-1999), group subleader (1999-2003), and group leader (2003-2004). He also worked at the Institute of Microchemistry Technology Co. Ltd. as President (2004-2005) and at Nagoya University as an Associate Professor (2005-2011). In 2011, he visited Karolinska Institutet as a visiting researcher and joined the Hokkaido University as a Professor.

His honors include the Outstanding Researcher Award on Chemistry and Micro-Nano Systems from the Society for Chemistry and Micro-Nano Systems (2007), the Pioneers in Miniaturisation Prize from the Lab on a Chip/Corning Inc. (2007), the Masao Horiba Award from HORIBA, Ltd. (2011) and the Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry Award from the Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry (2018). He is a Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC).

 His research interests are in the development of micro- and nano-systems for chemical, biochemical, and clinical applications.

Selected publications

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