Associate Professor Muneyoshi Numada

Numada oversees the Disaster Management Training Center (DMTC) at the Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo (UTokyo-IIS).

We have established a systematic and practical education and training center "Disaster Countermeasures Training Center" to enhance the disaster response capabilities of all citizens, including municipal, prefectural, and national government officials. We aim to realize a future that can support the lives of each and every one of us, regardless of country or region, by fostering and implementing disaster response capabilities of individuals and society in response to the natural disasters that humankind faces.

Numata Laboratory conducts a wide range of research on disaster countermeasures.
・ Disaster response process, standardization, systemization
・ Disaster response simulation
・ Resource optimization allocation simulation such as human resources in the event of a disaster
・ Evacuation insurance
・ Administrative disaster response
・ Optimal distribution simulation of emergency relief supplies
・ Micro for future power demand Grid
・ Restoration of fishery villages ・ Regeneration strategy
・ Organizational theory of crisis management
・ Risk communication
・ Disaster countermeasures in the era of population decline
・ Seismic reinforcement strategy by earthquake observation of Tokyo subway 
Improvement of communication of disaster countermeasures headquarters by voice recognition
・Sediment collapse analysis by Discrete Element Method
, large deformation analysis of ground by Material Point Method
, development of disaster response process management system BOSS,
shelter information management system using My Number
, decision-making process elucidation of
-media coverage
and disaster prevention development of teaching methods
research on situational awareness and decision-making by the drone
-disaster response of the way for the nuclear power plant accident
exchanges with, the University of Hawaii, Indonesia, Bangladesh, international research, such as India
, etc. Such.

Students can conduct research with a wide range of approaches, such as wanting to observe on-site, conducting experiments, researching earthquake motion using a shaking table, developing simulation technology by numerical analysis, and researching strategic theory.


He is featured in Focus On: Disasters, an Asia Research News resource for journalists to find stories and sources.