Assistant Professor Muneyuki Matsuo

Prof. Muneyuki Matsuo is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Chemistry, School of Science / Program of Mathematical and Life Sciences, Graduate School of Integrated Sciences for Life, Hiroshima University


Ph. D., The University of Tokyo
M.D., The University of Tokyo

Research Fields

Chemistry;Applied chemistry;Functional solid state chemistry
Complex systems;Biomolecular science;Biomolecular chemistry
Mathematical and physical sciences;Physics;Biological physics / Chemical physics / Soft matter physics
Mathematical and physical sciences;Earth and planetary science;Stratigraphy / Paleontology


Special Lecture, The Chemical Society of JapanRelated URL (2021)
BIOTECH Grand Prize (KYOWA KIRIN Award), Leave a NestRelated URL (2020)
Hiroshima University Incentive award, Hiroshima University (2020)
Wakashachi Incentive Award, Aichi Prefecture (2020)
Best World Poster Award for The 2nd ExCELLS Retreat for Young Scientists, ExCELLS (2020)
The Microtech Award, Leave a Nest (2016)
Best Poster Award, Synergy of Fluctuation and Structure, 2nd Workshop for Young Researchers(2016)
Honorable Award of the Department of Multi-Disciplinary Sciences, The University of Tokyo (2015)
Best Poster Award, The Japan Society of Molecular Science (2014)


Selected publications

Fujita, R., Matsufuji, T., Matsuo, M., & Nakata, S. (2021). Alternate Route Selection of Self-Propelled Filter Papers Impregnated with Camphor for Two-Branched Water Channels. Langmuir : the ACS journal of surfaces and colloids, 37(23), 7039–7042.

Matsuo, M., Hirata, Y., Kurihara, K., Toyota, T., Miura, T., Suzuki, K., & Sugawara, T. (2020). Environment-Sensitive Intelligent Self-Reproducing Artificial Cell with a Modification-Active Lipo-Deoxyribozyme. Micromachines, 11(6), 606. doi:10.3390/mi11060606

Matsuo, M., Kan, Y., Kurihara, K. et al. DNA Length-dependent Division of a Giant Vesicle-based Model Protocell. Sci Rep 9, 6916 (2019).

Matsuo, M., Ohyama, S., Sakurai, K., Toyota, T., Suzuki, K., & Sugawara, T. (2019). A sustainable self-reproducing liposome consisting of a synthetic phospholipid. Chemistry and physics of lipids, 222, 1–7.

Kurihara, K., Okura, Y., Matsuo, M., Toyota, T., Suzuki, K., & Sugawara, T. (2015). A recursive vesicle-based model protocell with a primitive model cell cycle. Nature communications, 6, 8352.

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Prof. Muneyuki Matsuo
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