Dr. Niranjan Devkota

Dr. Niranjan Devkota is a distinguished researcher in climate change, agriculture, and poverty. He actively contributes to policy dialogues and has extensive experience in governmental and non-governmental sectors, demonstrating his commitment to driving positive change.

Dr. Niranjan Devkota is a distinguished researcher with a strong focus on climate change, agriculture, poverty and vulnerability, labor markets, and behavioral issues within economies. With extensive experience in both governmental and non-governmental sectors, he has made significant contributions to various projects and initiatives. Currently serving as a Research Associate to Honorable Member Dr. Ram Kumar Phuyal at the National Planning Commission (NPC) under the Government of Nepal, Dr. Devkota initially joined NPC as a research assistant and was later promoted to the position of research associate. Over the past decade, he has collaborated closely with Dr. Phuyal, establishing himself as a scholar and co-worker of distinction. At NPC, Dr. Devkota actively engages in preparing policy briefs and conducting literature reviews to provide valuable insights and research-based inputs. He is actively involved in sectoral studies and research projects, consistently participating in policy dialogues, workshops, and meetings. In these settings, he serves as a rapporteur, skillfully generating comprehensive reports. Dr. Devkota's expertise extends beyond NPC, as he has also served as a Non-key Expert Economist, providing technical assistance in public finance management and EU budget support programs in partnership with the EU Delegation, Public Finance Management Experts, and the Ministry of Finance, Nepal. Moreover, he has excelled as an Expert Tourism Economist, contributing to the economic impact assessment of the COVID-19 pandemic on Nepal's tourism sector as part of a research team led by Honourable Dr. Ram Kumar Phuyal in 2016. Dr. Devkota's versatile background as a Data Analyst, Economist, Research Assistant, and Project Coordinator enriches his expertise and reinforces his commitment to excellence. He has undergone numerous training and capacity development programs facilitated by esteemed national and international organizations. Through his dedicated research and multifaceted roles, Dr. Niranjan Devkota consistently demonstrates his unwavering dedication to advancing knowledge and driving positive change in the fields of climate change, agriculture, poverty, and vulnerability, among others.

Selected publications

  1. Devkota, N., Kumari, A., Upretee, S., Basyal, D. K., Mahato, S., Karki, D., ... & Dhakal, K. (2023). Farmers’ Perspectives on Sugarcane Management in Nepal: Empirical Evidence from Logistic Regression Model. Journal of Agriculture and Crops, 9(2), 222-232.
  2. Khanal, G., Maraseni, T., Thapa, A., Devkota, N., Paudel, U. R., & Khanal, C. K. (2023). Managing water scarcity via rainwater harvesting system in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal: People's awareness, implementation challenges and way forward. Environmental Development, 100850.
  3. Devkota, N., Paija, N., Paudel, U. R., & Bhandari, U. (2022). Mapping the industries’ willingness to pay for unrestricted electricity supplyEnvironment, Development and Sustainability24(1), 666-682.
  4. Devkota, N., Joshi, A., Khanal, G., Mahapatra, S. K., Gautam, N., Paudel, U. R., & Bhandari, U. (2022). Awareness on agricultural entrepreneurship among youth farmers: an empirical study from Western Nepal. Journal of Agribusiness in Developing and Emerging Economies, (ahead-of-print). https://doi.org/10.1108/JADEE-06-2021-0150
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  16. Devkota, N., Paudel, U. R. & Khanal, G. (2021). Is current understanding adequate for Green Banking practices in Nepal; A Lesson Learnt. In Climate Change and the Sustainable Financial Sector (pp. 84-98). IGI Global.
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    1. Paudel, U. R. & Devkota, N. (2018). Socio-economic Influences on Small Business Performance in Nepal/India Open Border: Evidence from Cross-sectional Analysis. Economics and Sociology, 18(4), 11-30.  

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