Mr Prasanna Lakmal

Prasanna Lakmal is a lecturer at the Department for Commerce & Financial Management of the University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka.

Prasanna Lakmal has graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree (Sp) in Business Technology. 

Area of Expertise: Digital Marketing, Innovation, Additive Manufacturing, and Computer Programming.

Selected publications

  1. Lakmal, K., Hettiarachchi, H., & Anuranga, B. (2019). How Brands opt Social Media Influencers for Influencer Marketing on Instagram: A Study on Sri Lankan Beauty & Personal Care Brands. Sri Lanka Journal of Marketing, 5(2), 135.
  2. Gunathunge, K. L. N. K., & Lakmal, K. G. P. (2021). Industrial Revolution 4.0 and the Future of HRM [E-book]. In Contemporary Innovation in Management (pp. 114–132). Global Learners Academy of Development.

  3. Khashunika, J. A. L., Yatigammana, M. R. K. N.,& Lakmal, K. G. P. (2021). Challenges and Opportunities in Online Education in Sri Lanka During the Covid-19 Pandemic: Evidence from the University of Kelaniya. International Journal of Educational Research & Social Sciences2(4), 832-849.
Prasanna Lakmal
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