Professor Takeshi Horinouchi

Takeshi Horinouchi is a professor at the Faculty of Environmental Earth Science, Hokkaido University, Japan.

I have been doing researches on the dynamics of the atmosphere by using numerical models, satellite observations, and objective analyses (and also paper and pencil).

Research topics

  • Mid-latitude/subtropical meteorology and climatology
    • Dynamics of precipitation over summertime East Asia and the northwestern Pacific: see the graphic abstract of Horinouchi (2014).
    • Observational and theoretical studies on the dynamic meteorology and water transport/precipitation
  • Tropical meteorology and climate dynamics
    • Understanding the Hadley circulation
    • Tropical meteorology
    • Dynamics of the equatorial middle atmosphere
  • Geophysical fluid dynamics
  • Meteorology and climatology of Venus
    • Studies by using Akatsuki: Japanese satellite of Venus
    • Observation, theoretical and numerical studies the Venusian atmosphere
  • Development of IT infrastructure for geophysical fluid sciences.
    • Ruby libraries.
    • etc.

Research interest

Geophysical fluid dynamics, Cumulus convection, Atmospheric waves, Atmospheric general circulation, Tropical meteorology, Tropical cyclone, Meteorology and climatology of the Asia-Pacific region, Middle atmosphere, Dynamics of Venus's atmosphere, Cloud tracking, Software develoment for geophysical fluid sciences.

Selected publications

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