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Research Institution for UiTM Shah Alam.


Universiti Teknologi MARA's research and consultancy centre, Institute of Research, Development and Commercialisation, is the primary point of contact for industry, commerce and government bodies seeking to access the University's expertise.

It was originally known as the Centre for planning, Research and Development and was established in April 1980. In September 1987, due to it's growing importance and increasing number of research and consultancy activities in UiTM, the centre was restructured and branched into two divisions: the Research and Consultancy Centre (RACC), and the Planning and Evaluation Unit. The centre changed its name again to Bureau of Research and Consultancy (BRC) in 1994. BRC evolved to Institute of Research, Development and Commercialisation (IRDC) after merging with Institute of Intellectual Property on 15 July 2003. IRDC supports the university's academic community through servicing their IRDC research, consultancy, intellectual property protection and commercialization. Currently, the Institute is divided into six division:

Science and Technology;

Social Science and Management;

Consultancy Services;


Intellectual Property; and


Activities undertaken by the Institute covers both basic and applied research in Science, Technology, Social Sciences, Business and Management. Staff within the University also undertakes extensive programmes of consultancy for outside bodies, including industry, government and the profession. Consultancy field includes advisory services, design and supervision, testing and training. IRDC is committed in providing a link between potential sponsors and UiTM staffs. However, IRDC does not take responsibility for consultancies entered into privately by a member of staff.

UiTM is proud of its research projects which have been patented and commercialized. Among those are food technology products and AUTOLAB (a scientific measurement and control software used in ordinary PC). It is expected that many of the on-going research projects will have potential value for commercial application.


To promote quality research of world-class standards;

To manage, coordinate and provide necessary services for successful research, consultancy and projects for commercialisation;

To assist the exploration of new areas and the identification of niche areas;

To disseminate information and provide training on research, consultancy, intellectual property and commercialisation;

To ensure continuous quality research and consultancy;

To provide quality services through the state of the art facilities To facilitate the process of intellectual property protection.


Research Focus Area

In the effort to promote research as a culture that is accepted by academicians and supporting staffs in the university, IRDChas set up the following priority groups for research:

· Information Technology

· Agro-Technology

· Biotechnology

· Environmental Issue

· Technical Development

· Coastal & Offshore

· Energy

· Fracture Mechanics

· Transportation and Communication

· Economy and Trade Management

· Urban Studies

· Arts and Performing arts

· Writing and Media

· Education

· Service Management

·Sports and Recreation

· Administrative Policies

· Language and Culture

· Natural Products Consultancy

Focus Area

In the effort to promote consultancy as a culture that is accepted by academicians and supporting staffs in the university, IRDC has set up the following priority groups for consultancy:

Contract Research;

Services / Evaluation;

Seminar / Conference;

Expert Panel;

Professional Services;

Testing Maintenance; and




Institute of Research, Development and Commersialisation (IRDC) Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Shah Alam, 50450 Shah Alam Selangor Malaysia


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