'Rebana Ubi' Computer Speaker

UiTM researchers are modernising the 'Rebana Ubi', a traditional Malaysian musical instrument by infusing it with a modern computer aided technology.

This project focused on developing and enhancing local corporate gifts with the implementation of Malaysian culture and heritage of the product.

A corporate gift can be anything from stationary - inclusive product package.
The type of gifts used is limited only by the imagination.

The focus is on the creation of unique and emotional objects, overcoming the industrial and anonymous production logic. For this reason, a good tip to start with is considering all the communication and promotional events linked to the universal relationship towards culture and heritage appreciation.

One of the authentic Malaysian culture and heritage is the traditional musical instrument including 'Rebana Ubi'.

By looking at the importance of preserving our local culture or heritage, and innovative computer speaker is designed from inspirational 'Rebana Ubi' form, purpose as a corporate gift that also focus on the aesthetic and functionality of the product. It is designed in such an innovative way of modern and contemporary looks that will promote our local culture in gift/handicraft industry.

This study relates between the Malaysian traditional music instruments with computer accessories like speaker. Speaker is an electro-acoustic transducer that converts electrical signals into sounds loud enough to be heard at a distance.

This is an attempt to create a Malaysian traditional instrument with computer speakers. The design of the mini 'Rebana Ubi' that has a speaker system inside is the combination of two ranges that is traditional and modern design.

There are many types of 'Rebana', the biggest 'Rebana' known as 'Rebana Ubi'.

'Rebana Ubi' are widely used by the Malay people in East Coast Malaysian such as Kelantan and Terenggu. Nowadays, we can see it throughout Malaysia.

This type of 'Rebana' is the only 'Rebana' tohave a decorative pattern on the body and surface.

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Published: 21 Apr 2014

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Institute of Research, Development and Commersialisation (IRDC) Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Shah Alam, 50450 Shah Alam Selangor Malaysia

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