Experts on issues to be discussed in the G8 Summit

For next week’s G8 Summit, ResearchSEA suggests the following experts in Climate Change, Energy and Development in Africa

For next week’s G8 Summit, ResearchSEA suggests the following experts in Climate Change, Energy and Development in Africa. The experts are listed by topic and then alphabetically.


Prof. Masahiro, AMANO
Waseda University, Japan
Expertise: Environment policy, ecology and forestry

Prof. Amano was part of the IPCC team of scientists who were awarded the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize. He is an active member of the Japan Society of Tropical Ecology and Japan Society for International Development. Prof Amano has a long experience in environmental policies especially in the role of forests in Climate Change and the Clean Development Mechanism of the Kyoto Protocol.

He has written papers on sustainability and watershed conservation in Panama and Nepal, the role/problems of forests and CDM research for the Kyoto Protocol, sustainable forestry and biological sequestration under Climate Change agreements, the potential role of sequestration in post-Kyoto agreements, the role of forest sinks in a post-Kyoto world and the behaviour and socio-economic conditions of farmers in degraded forests in Thailand

Professor Hitoshi Hayami
Keio University, JAPAN
Expertise: Climate Change, China

Prof Hitoshi Hayami works on life cycle assessments using environmental input-output tables and econometric models on Japan-China E3 (Environment, Energy and Economy) or econometric analysis on Japanese labour market especially working hours. He is leading environment projects in Keio Economic Observatory, including the Keio Afforestation CDM project (Small-scale Afforestation for Desertification Combating at Kangping County, Liaoning Province, China) and acting as a consultant to the Ministries and the research institutes.


Prof. Masafumi KATSUTA
Expertise: Green Hydrogen, Metal Hydride, sustainable forestry, thermal management in space, capillary force, heat pipe, microchannel, electric equipment, heat transfer enhancement, pulse tube refrigeration, freon-free, stirling cycle

Prof. Katsuta is interested in establishing a "Green Hydrogen" based society and will be happy to talk about issues related to his research interests listed above.

Prof. Makoto NOUTOMI
Waseda University, Japan
Expertise: refrigeration, energy utilization, reducing environmental loads, energy saving, environmental impact assessment
Prof. Noutomi’s current research interest include: Research on pulse tube and thermoacoustic refrigeration system, heat transport devices, eco-production systems and global warming.

Prof. Toshihisa UEDA
Expertise: Energy, new sources and latest in science and technology

Prof. Ueda is Director of Keio University’s Leading Edge Laboratory of Science and Technology. He will be happy to talk to you about the latest research in related to energy, including new sources of energy.


Associate Prof. Takeshi DAIMON
Waseda University, Japan
Expertise: Economic Development, Public Economics, Peace Studies,

Assoc. Prof. Daimon used to be a country officer for Japan Bank for International Cooperation and an economist at the World Bank. He is currently interested in research on poverty reduction through employment generation and the increasing gap between rich and poor countries. He has published papers on decentralized poverty programs in Nicaragua, Japan's new strategy for peace in Asia, how globalization localizes international public interest with cross country evidence for the Millenium Development Goals.

Assistant Professor Yukino IWAI
Expertise: Volunteering in Africa

At Waseda University, Assistant Professor Iwai teaches subjects related to voluntering, international development assistance, sustainable society and environment. She has spent much time volunteering in Africa and will be happy to talk to the media on the above issues.