Protein trafficking: The missing link

In Nature China this week - Biosensors: Infiltrate to enhance, Metabolic syndrome: Nonpeptide peps up therapy, Mouse pheromones: Secret seducers, Gene expression: Cluster spotting and Graphene: Thickness detector

27 August 2008

Nature China highlights the best research coming out of Mainland China and Hong Kong, providing scientists from around the world with a convenient portal into publications drawn from across all scientific disciplines.

Protein trafficking: The missing link
In the Golgi apparatus, proteins that bind and incorporate enzymes into vesicles maintain glycoprotein trafficking

Biosensors: Infiltrate to enhance
Photonic crystals can improve the detection limits of DNA sensors

Metabolic syndrome: Nonpeptide peps up therapy
A non-peptidic molecule has therapeutic potential for treating obesity and diabetes simultaneously

Mouse pheromones: Secret seducers
Male pheromones that are used to attract female mice could be manipulated to attract male mice

Gene expression: Cluster spotting
A novel algorithm may prove powerful in predicting gene clusters associated with similar biological functions

Graphene: Thickness detector
A colourful optical approach can help distinguish between numbers of carbon sheets

Published: 27 Aug 2008

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