Cuban ambassador visits Malaysia

The Vice Chancellor of Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Assoc. Dato 'Omar Osman, received a courtesy call fromt he newly appointed Ambassador of Cuba, HE Ruben Perez Valdes, during his recent visit to Malaysia.

The visit was characterized as a bilateral meeting platform between the two sides to strengthen the cooperation network involving specific areas that can benefit both countries.

Cuba is not an unfamiliar name for USM in the list of intelligent networks in the global venture and so far the research carried out with the republic include investigations into tuberculosis (TB), malaria and other diseases.

At the end of the meeting with participation of Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic and International USM, Assoc. Ahmad Shukri Mustapa Kamal and Secretary of the Embassy of the Republic of Cuba, the Nesto Torres, Omar expressed pleasure with the visit, as well as a desire to continue the collaboration that exist between USM and Cuba and to explore new opportunities that have the potential to impact on the development of knowledge and community as a whole.

Published: 28 Mar 2012

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