New publications from the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia

The Plants of Krau, Windows on the Forest and Journal of Tropical Forest Science give a comprehensive overview of vascular plants from the Krau Wildlife Reserve, the FRIM research institute and the latest research in tropical forest science.

Plants of Krau

The plants of Krau is an annotated checklist of vascular plants from Krau Wildlife Reserve, Pahang, Peninsular Malaysia.

Compiled from past and present research efforts, this book represents the most comprehensive account to date of the vascular plant diversity of the Reserve. This documentation hopes to assist resource managers in the conservation planning and management of the Reserve.

Windows on the Forest

This book gives a documentary presentation of the Forest Research Institute Malaysia, Kepong.

Fact, events, sites and objects of interest have been highlighted. The presentations excite, interest and educate–not just with respect to FRIM, but also with respect to the rich natural heritage that we as Malaysians enjoy.

Journal of Tropical Forest Science Vol. 20 No. 4

This issue commemorates the 20th Anniversary of the journal. It is one of the few journals with impact factor in Malaysia. The contents include:

* Successful ectomyorrhizal inoculation of two dipterocarp species with a locally isolated fungus in Peninsular Malaysia

* Effects of physical and chemical soil properties on physical wood characteristics of Tectona grandis plantations in Costa Rica

* Selected physical and mechanical proeprties of moso bamboo (Phyllostachys pubescens)

* Trends in timber preservation---a global perspective

* Fixation of compressive deformation in wood by pre-steaming

* Changing values of Malaysian forests: the challenge of biodiversity and its suitable management

* Diameter growth and decline in a tropical montane cloud forest of the Sierra de Las Minas, Guatemala

* Thoughts of the conservation of forest biological diversity and forest tree and shrub genetic resources

* Genetic gain from breeding Acacia auriculiformis in Vietnam

* Vestured pits: a diagnostic character in the secondary xylem of Myrtales

* Evidence for scatter-hoarding in a tropical peat swamp forest in Malaysia

Published: 13 Nov 2008

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