USM Researchers win Gold awards at the 37th International Exhibition of Invention, New Techniques & Products 2009 in Geneva

The winning inventions were - TNT-A novel photocatalyzer; Detection System for Cracks in Buildings and Slope Detection to Compromise Braking and Locking System for Wheelchairs.

PENANG, 22 Apr. Three of the nine Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) researchers won gold medals for their inventions that were exhibited at the 37th International Exhibition of Invention, New Techniques & Products 2009 in Geneva, Switzerland recently.

The three researchers are Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mani Maran Ratnam from the School of Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Srimala Sreekantan, School of Materials and Mineral Resources Engineering and Dr Syed Sahal Nazli Alhady Syed Hassan from the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

It was a double victory for Srimala dan Mani Maran, because in addition to winning the gold medals, they also received the 'Congratulation from Jury' award, for their respective inventions - TNT-A novel photocatalyzer and Detection System for Cracks in Buildings.

Syed Sahal's invention (Slope Detection to Compromise Braking and Locking System for Wheelchair') which also grabbed a Gold has received recognition in several local research competitions, including the Industrial Design Competition and International Technology Exhibition (ITEX) last year.

USM continued on its winning streak when all nine products at the international exhibition received medals, of which three were Silver and the rest Bronze.

The Vice-Chancellor of USM, Prof. Tan Sri Dato Dzulkifli Abdul Razak said that this success is most gratifying because USM has once again recorded a 100% success in terms of medal count for the products that were exhibited.

He said that this proved that the research carried out in USM had great potential and was beneficial at both local and international level.

However, he added that there was still plenty of room for improvement and to raise the quality of local research to a more dynamic and competitive level, and acceptable more widely at international level.

"USM is always looking for new opportunities to explore in line with its efforts to advance the field of knowledge, especially research that will benefit society globally," he explained.

Dzulkifli was part of the USM delegation to Geneva to witness USM's achievements in this prestigious exhibition. Held annually, the exhibition drew more than 700 participants from more than 45 countries worldwide.

The complete results of the competition are as follows:


1. Prof Hamidi Abd. Aziz
School of Civil Engineering
(Novel adsorbent for landfill leachate treatment)
[email protected]

Dr. Megat Azmi Megat Johari (School of Civil Eng.)
Dr. Kamar Shah Ariffin (School of Civil Eng.)
Azhar Abdul Halim (School of Civil Eng.)

2. Prof. Hanafi Ismail
School of Materials and Mineral Resources Engineering
(DEGRA TPE - A Novel Enviromental Friendly And Degradable Polymer)
[email protected]

En. Sam Sung Ting

3. Prof. Mohd Zaid Abdullah
School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Intelligent Axoskeletal Arm Trainer for Stroke Patients (Axotrain)
[email protected]

Yong Kin Fie (School of. Electrical and Electronic Eng.)
Prof. Jafri Malin Abdullah (School of Medical Sciences)


1. Prof Abdul Latif Ahmad
School of Chemical Engineering
(Inovative and Novel Membrane Morphology Modification)
[email protected]

Dr. Syamsul Rizal Abdul Shukor (School of Chem. Eng.)
Low Siew Chun (School of Chem. Eng)
Prof. Asma Ismail (INFORMM)

2. Dr. Chow Wen Shyang
School of Materials and Mineral Resources Engineering
(Hand-Lay Up Epoxy Hybrid Nanocomposites)
[email protected]

Azhar Abu Bakar (School of Materials and Res. Eng.)
Norkhairunnisa Mazlan (School of Materials and Res. Eng)

3. Prof. Madya Dr. Phua Kia Kien
Institute for Research in Molecular Medicine (INFORMM)
(Chemical Inventory Management System)
[email protected]

Kamarul Akmal Ab. Ghani (INFORMM)

Published: 27 Apr 2009

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