Powering Asia

Power generation is inevitably moving towards a more deregulated and liberalised market. Developing countries in South East Asia and the region need to understand the strategic positions and plan years ahead in moving towards a more sustainable development plan

Business leaders need to always look for foreign markets in the power industry especially in growing markets like the Middle East, India, China and South East Asia. It is a well-known fact that Malaysia has an over capacity problem in power generation of approximately 40%. Emergence of new markets in wind power generation (India and China) should prompt investors and traditional non-renewable power producers to look towards renewable technology such as wind power, biomass, solar power, fuel cells and so on.

Governments in the Asian region are moving towards a more deregulated and liberalised power industry. Talks on energy exchanges, or power pooling are emerging and are in various stages of implementation in the region. Coupled with a saturated domestic market for countries like Malaysia, power producers are increasing looking to invest in foreign markets.

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