Annual Corporate Treasury Management

Treasury management has always been an integral component of any organisation. In today’s volatile business world, conventional corporate treasury role needs to be further exploited to enhance its potential.

The business world is relentless and the battlefield will only get tougher. Therefore companies are focus on utilising whatever means possible to further improve its profit and provide better value to the shareholders. One of the ways to achieve this goal is to evolve your existing treasury operations. Treasury role has changed since the introduction of derivatives and the recognition that it can be a profit centre and service department rather than just a cost centre.

As the global economic conditions remains vague, it is now up to the Treasurer to work in concert with other divisions, to advice top management on the future direction of the organisation. Treasurer role will also shift to more of a leadership role, as treasury will take on more operational functions as well as the lead advisor for increasingly complex financial instruments.

2nd Annual Corporate Treasury Management will provide an in-depth look at the trends & developments in the corporate treasury management strategies. It will also look at growth opportunities as well as major issues such as strategies to minimize risk while enhancing profit margin through applications of financial reengineering approach. It is an ideal platform for financial and banking professional to enhance themselves on the global trends and updates on the latest developments affecting their jobs and businesses.

From 06 Mar 2007
Until 07 Mar 2007
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