Border Security Asia 2007

Singapore - Border Security Asia 2007 will focus on the key challenges, responses and solutions facing those operating in the port, terminals and borders of Asia today.

Threats & Challenges Today

Cargo intervention, passenger screening and first-port boarding rates are at an all-time high. Protecting the borders from the entry of illegal and harmful goods and unauthorised people has become a top priority for many Asian governments. International and inter-agency cooperation must continue to play a vital role in protecting our borders, especially in the face of increased terrorist threats. Customs, port authority, law enforcement agency and armed forces must remain focused on intercepting illicit activities, items and movement potentially harmful to the community.

A Timely Event for Asia

Border Security Asia 2007 will focus on the key challenges, responses and solutions facing those operating in the port, terminals and borders of Asia today. It will also examine and discuss the doctrinal, logistical, technological and tactical aspects of Border Security. Through a series of keynote presentations, case studies and panel discussions, expert speakers will guide delegates through the maze of new international border security initiatives, regulations and explain how enabling technologies, such as RFID, biometrics and cargo scanning, can protect the supply chain from terrorists and thieves.

Border Security Asia 2007 covers every transportation mode - sea, air and land - as well as spotlights on security technologies and the challenges involved in immigration control. The briefings will explore existing and future requirements for an effective border management strategy in a collaborative and cohesive environment

Why You Must Attend

Benefits of Attending

Understanding ways and methods to enhance security of ports and containers as priority - without hampering trade
A fabulous gathering and networking platform of top industry experts and government authority
Learn about latest technologies in border control / customs management
Hear the latest news, case studies & lessons learnt from international experts from regional countries.
Gain greater insight from the combination of both academic and practical perspectives.

Topics Not to Be Missed!

CBP's Layered Defence Strategy: The Mechanism for Management of Security Risks
Australia's Approach to Maritime Border and Port Security
Next-Generation of Intelligent Video Surveillance
Threats, Risks & Challenges To Borders In Asia Pacific

Some of our speakers

Speakers include:

Mr. Jeffrey Nii, C&P Attache, US Customs & Protection, Department of Homeland Security, US Embassy
Mr. Aaron Le Boutillier, Managing Director, Conflict Solutions Asia Pte Ltd
Dr John Harrison, Head of Research, International Centre for Political Violence & Terrorism Research, NTU
Mr. Ned Blagojevic, Senior Research Analyst, Australian Nuclear Science & Technology Organisation

Who Should Attend.

Department or Ministries of Home Affairs
Homeland Security Department or Committees
National Security Agencies
Immigration & Customs Authorities
Law Enforcement Agencies
Anti-Narcotics Enforcement Agencies
Police & Special Forces
Civil Defence Force
Armed Force (Air Force, Army, Navy, Coast Guard)
Science & Technology Agencies
Security Technology Providers

Science & Technology Agencies
Seaport & Airport Operators
Airport & Seaport Security Services
Rail Companies
Shipping Companies
Trucking Companies
Supply Chain/Logistics Companies
Science & Technology/ R&D Institutes

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From 09 Oct 2007
Until 11 Oct 2007
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