9th International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific (ICAAP 9)

The 9th International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific will bring people from various backgrounds in Asia and the Pacific region to meet and share knowledge, skills, ideas, research findings related to HIV and AIDS.

This is also be an opportunity for people to provide mutual support and make stronger commitments in their fight towards the epidemic.

Congress Theme: Empowering People, Strengthening Networks.

A vibrant community of empowered people, linked by strong networks that reach across Asia and the Pacific and beyond to mobilize a holistic and effective response, based on the latest best practices and scientific evidence, to the specific and cross-border challenges of the HIV pandemic faced by countries in the region today.

To promote scientific excellence and inquiry, provide a forum for meaningful dialogue, foster accountability, and encourage individual and collective action in addressing HIV/AIDS in Asia and the Pacific and ensure the sustainability of the response.

Specific Objectives

* To share expertise and knowledge on key issues critical to the control of HIV/AIDS in the region

* To form significant and sustainable partnerships among stakeholders at all levels and support multi-sectoral collaboration to enable a stronger and more comprehensive response to HIV/AIDS

* To foster dialogue on the experiences, advances, challenges faced and lessons learned in each country;

* To showcase successes and best practices of HIV/AIDS programs across the region;

* To advocate for greater political and societal commitment and accountability in promoting equal access to HIV and AIDS prevention, care and treatment for all

* To strengthen political, community, and business leadership, adopting a consultative, collaborative and participatory approach;

* To raise awareness of the gravity of the regional epidemic internationally and its specific social, cultural, economic and political context.

* To accelerate the scale-up of HIV prevention, care, and treatment services and the integration of a comprehensive AIDS response into existing health systems;

* To advance strategies to free people infected with, affected by, and vulnerable to HIV from stigmatization, marginalization and discrimination and to protect their rights;

* To raise the visibility of cross-border issues impacting on the pandemic, taking into account economic integration and increased mobility in the region and globally

* To enhance media involvement and promote public awareness of the continued impact of, and response to, HIV and AIDS in Asia and the Pacific

* To create venues for public discussion of HIV/AIDS issues and exchange of relevant information and technologies.

9th ICAAP Secretariat
Menara Eksekutif 8th Floor Jalan MH Thamrin Kav. 9
Jakarta 10330

Phone: +62 21 39838845/46
Fax: +62 21 39838847
Email: [email protected]

From 09 Aug 2009
Until 13 Aug 2009
Bali, Indonesia
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