International Higher education Forum

The Public Role of Higher Education in a Changing Global Environment Multi-polar initiatives through Linkages and Dialogues

In recent years,the role of higher education as a ‘public good’ has been stressed,partly because a strong orientation towards privatization and marketization renders the public aspect of higher,education increasingly volatile. The financial crises of 2008 underscored the need for global level collaboration to establish a concrete vision for a sustainable future through multi-polar linkages and dialogues. In this forum, a global framework and perspectives of regions and stakeholders for the future vision of higher education as a publlc good will be discussed.

■Name of Event:International Higher education Forum

■Date & Time:October 30, 2009 (Friday); 10:00 – 17:30

■Venue:Centre for Scholarly Information (Building 18), 1F
Masaru Ibuka Auditorium ( Waseda Campus, Shinjuku-ku)

■Language:English and Japanese (simultaneous interpretation)

■Main Sponsor:WAPS,Waseda Universy・GSID,Nagoya University・CAHE,Tohoku University

■Co―sponsors:Global Institute for Asian Regional Integration
※Supported by Japan Foundation,Australian Embassy Tokyo, Japan Assooiation for Higher Eduoation Research

■Schedule:10:10 – 12:00 Session1
The role of higher education as a Public goods: Global Framework
13:00 – 14:50 Session2
The role of higher education as a Public goods: Multi-polar Initiatives
15:10 – 16:40 Session3
Stakeholders : Implications for Global Well-being
16:40 – 17:25 Final Session
Perspectives for the Future

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From 30 Oct 2009
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Shinjuku, Tokyo
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