BIT's 2nd International Congress of Oil Field Chemicals - 2011

The 2nd International Congress of Oil Field Chemicals (OFC-2011) with a theme of Green Oilfield Green Chemistry,will be held during October 19-21, 2011, Dalian, China.

OFC-2011 provides participants with an unprecedented opportunity to meet and network with leaders of key industry players, research analysts, oil chemical innovators, and local and overseas engineers.

Although oil field chemicals have been well established through existing vendors in the past decades with enormous technological progress and logistics advancement, current supply chain are still full of uncertainty and high expectations on sustainability and green chemistry, environment friendly new materials for explorations and productions. To meet the global growing energy needs, mankind’s innovation progress are never been interrupted for the discovery and development of new chemistry and biotechnology to satisfy the full scale E & P activities.

OFC-2011 will bring together industry players, global oil companies, Chinese national oil companies, government officials, traders, suppliers, consumers and industry experts. Through such an initiative participants will maximize their exposures to potential market channels in Asia region and have great opportunities to communicate and explore the technology transfer and business development under current vibrating and fast changing economic climate. OFC-2011 will also provide worldwide oil industry professionals a conversation platform to share and exchange information on the latest industrial trend, marketing strategies in Asia and technology development situation.

Further details, including registration and submission information, can be found by following the link below.

From 19 Oct 2011
Until 21 Oct 2011
Dalian, China
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