The Gateway to Sustainable Aquaculture in SE Asia Workshop

UK-SINGAPORE Aquaculture Workshop 2006. The workshop will bring together researchers from industry, universities, as well as research institutes in Southeast Asia to present and discuss the what aquaculture can and will become. Sponsorships are available for researchers from South East Asia and UK businesses.

UK-SINGAPORE Aquaculture Workshop 2006

Date: 22-24 August 2006

Venue: Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore


Sponsorships for airfares and accommodations are available for researchers from South East Asia to apply. Kindly email [email protected] or [email protected] should you need more information on the sponsorship. Approved speakers from UK and SE Asia and business delegates from the UK will be fully subsidized for airfares and hotel. Sponsorship for UK SME’s has been generously provided by UKTI and will make the workshop virtually cost free to UK businesses.

The British High Commission, University of Newcastle Upon Tyne and Ngee Ann Polytechnic will be hosting the UK-Singapore Aquaculture Workshop to foster exchanges and establish interactions between researchers from both countries. The workshop will bring together researchers from industry, universities, as well as research institutes in Southeast Asia to present and discuss the what aquaculture can and will become.

The workshop will be held over 3 days on 22- 24 August March 2006 at the Ngee Ann Polytechnic, including half day field visit to St John Island. Speakers will includes senior researchers from the UK,Singapore and the region.

For more information, please read the information below. Interested participants can registered with the workshop coordinator Esther Khoo at [email protected].

More on the Workshop

As the world moves towards an increasing population with demands on food resources, aquaculture needs to be a sustainable activity. The challenge is to provide holistic solutions to cover a diverse, inter-linked industry spanning environment, disease, health, logistics, human resource, public policy and
regulation as well as new technologies from university research and government support.

The purpose of this workshop is to provide specialized information to a targeted audience interested in making a difference to the future of this industry.

If you are in fundamental or translational research or a biotech/aquaculture related industry, a member of a nongovernment 0rganisation (NGO) or government agency, you are encouraged to participate and to share your thoughts on the future of sustainable aquaculture.


Sustainable aquaculture remains a major challenge in the Asia Pacific region largely due to the fragmented nature of the industry. Access to expertise to lever science into action remains a challenge.

Organized by Newcastle University (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK) and Ngee Ann Polytechnic (Singapore) and supported by both the UKFCO Science and Technology Office and the UKTI, this workshop is designed to stimulate thinking into the future of sustainable aquaculture activities.

Some 20 Specialists in fundamental and translational research from major UK Universities in the UK will be presenting key note lectures to the workshop and leading discussion panels; they will be joined by leading participants from South East Asian countries. Businesses engaged with the aquaculture industry
will provide the realistic dynamic for achievable outcomes.


I would be pleased if you would consider participation in the aquaculture workshop “The Gateway to Sustainable Aquaculture in SE Asia” to be held in Singapore from the 22 – 24 August. The workshop has been organized on behalf of the British High Commission of Singapore and is designed to promote the active engagement of the UK higher education sector (HEIs) and UK businesses, with their counterparts in Singapore and other centres of excellence in the SE Asia region. The outputs from the workshop will result in the formulation of an action plan for sustainable aquaculture in the region.

Our purpose

The uptake of new technologies will allow a completely new model for aquaculture to emerge in SE Asia. Singapore is ideally positioned to be a catalyst for regional developments that will create a more sustainable industry in balance with its coastal environment. This workshop will focus on what aquaculture can and will become. This requires vision and willingness to accept change. The high technology / advanced infrastructure of the UK and Singapore can play a crucial role in turning such a vision into reality. What, we will ask, are the key issues in the development of sustainable aquaculture? How will this impact on the livelihoods of the millions of people already engaged in the aquaculture business? Our purpose is to establish a roadmap for the future, the tangible evidence of which will be an action plan defining UK Singapore support for sustainable aquaculture development in South East Asia.


The British High Commission (Singapore) will provide sponsorship (travel and accommodation) to enable
participants from HEIs in the UK to join other stakeholders (eg HEIs, government agencies,
financial institutions) from the UK and SE Asia.

UKTI (UK Trade and Industry) will provide matching sponsorship for UK businesses in response to
the excellent uptake from the higher education sector. Sponsorship will mean that the workshop is cost free to British business; thus providing a unique opportunity to foster business opportunities in SE Asia,
the epicenter of world aquaculture.

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From 22 Aug 2006
Until 24 Aug 2006
Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore
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