Advanced Materials


12 Apr 2018
Standalone power modules that harvest and convert vibrations from their surroundings into electricity could soon fuel future microsystems.
04 Apr 2018
A new ink containing iron-oxide nanoparticles can be turned into fully printed and versatile components for cellular networks.
12 Mar 2018
A research team in Korea has newly developed imaging system that can analyze the movement of sound generated from 2D structure with the thickness of an atomic unit. It is expected to be used in new material, solar cell, and catalyst development.
A new type of battery
28 Feb 2018
A technique of microwave synthesis of layered oxides enables high-capacity aqueous zinc-ion batteries.
Professor Jang-Ung Park's research team
21 Feb 2018
Researchers at Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), South Korea, have succeeded in developing a new biosensing contact lens capable of detecting glucose levels in patients with diabetes.
18 Jan 2018
Novel video feature extractor uses 20 times less power than existing chips and could reduce the size of untethered vision systems down to the millimetre range
29 Dec 2017
An easy and reliable assembly approach, inspired by building blocks, challenges the current fabrication of electronic systems.
20 Nov 2017
Cone-shaped sugar structures can be connected together to form selectively porous nanofiltration membranes.
06 Nov 2017
A research team from Korea has improved the luminance of electroluminescent devices by 422% compared to the conventional ones by applying retro-reflection electrodes The result is expected to be applied in next generation display and signage lighting technology
Think laterally to sidestep production problems
17 Oct 2017
The side-by-side deposition of atomically flat semiconductor sheets enhances solar cell conversion efficiency.
19 Sep 2017
The Singapore based team have successfully created a solution to simplify the complicated process of removing large or complex kidney stones.
Dark materials squeeze green fuel from sunlight
28 Aug 2017
Metallic nanostructures that slow down light dramatically can triple the efficiency of solar-based hydrogen fuel generation.
Shape-shifters soak up sunshine
28 Aug 2017
Photosensitive perovskites change shape when exposed to light.
High resolution images were obtained, particularly in the Z axis direction, when brain slices were wrapped with a CYTOP® nanosheet (B, C), whereas the control sample yielded blurred images (A).
25 Aug 2017
A nanosheet made of organic polymers has been developed to prevent the drying and deforming of biological samples, thus enabling high-quality imaging under microscopes.
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23 Aug 2017
A new algorithm could help scientists decide the best atomic structures for the materials they design.
Hybrid carbon nanostructures 1
09 Jun 2017
A research team, led by South Korea's Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) has engineered a new type of carbon nanomaterials, capable of changing shapes and colors depending on the type of solvents used. Their findings appeared in the prestigious journal, Advanced Materials.
05 Jun 2017
When the X-rays blast electrons out of one atom, stripping it from the inside out, it steals more from its neighbors - a new insight that could help advance high-res imaging of whole viruses, bacteria and complex materials.
Inspiration from Steller's jay
08 May 2017
A Nagoya University-led research team mimics the rich color of bird plumage and demonstrates new ways to control how light interacts with materials.
Setting regenerable polymer traps
16 Apr 2017
Stable and recyclable materials synthesized using intrinsically porous polymers selectively retain CO2 from exhaust and natural gas.
Water from Waste
22 Jan 2017
A material made by combining a metal and a polymer can help generate hydrogen and fresh water from wastewater.
Solar Energy
10 Jan 2017
Reliable processing of an efficient solar cell material depends on how the solvent is removed.
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09 Jan 2017
A process developed by researchers in Saudi Arabia prints high-performance silicon-based computers on to soft, sticker-like surfaces that can be attached anywhere.
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26 Sep 2016
Dr. Jieun Yang, an alumna of UNIST is part of an international team that has discovered a simple new method for producing large quantities of the promising nanomaterial graphene.
26 Aug 2016
Partnership to bring significant benefits to our global society.
UNIST and UCSD signs MoU
23 Aug 2016
Partnership to bring significant benefits to our global society.
MSE Supplies list
23 Aug 2016
Three faculty researchers of Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), South Korea, were among the most influential scientists in MSE, according to MSE Supplies.
octopus-inspired smart adhesive pad.
14 Jul 2016
A joint research team, affiliated with Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology, South Korea, has developed octopus-inspired smart adhesive pads.
12 Jul 2016
Researchers at Hokkaido University have developed a new kind of hydrogel that bonds spontaneously and strongly to defective bones, suggesting potential uses in the treatment of joint injuries.
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17 Jun 2016
The result also validates the methodology for single-shot imaging of bio-systems.


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