Advanced Materials


polymer film cancer cells
24 Feb 2012
Development of polymer film loaded with antibodies that can capture tumor cells shows promise as a diagnostic tool
13 Feb 2012
A total of 18 members joined the A*STAR Aerospace Programme’s consortium to collaborate on pre-competitive research in aviation technologies, develop new products, processes and solutions in aviation engineering, and improve performance, safety and productivity.
13 Jan 2012
Fast and sensitive detection and identification of air-borne gases is now possible using a newly developed sensor
06 Jan 2012
Experts from around the world, including two Nobel Laureates, converge at A*STAR IMRE’s M3 @ Singapore 2012 conference to present cross-disciplinary innovations for applications ranging from energy to sensors.
16 Nov 2011
A single polymer can be used to fabricate both thin-film transistors and solar cells
02 Sep 2011
Researchers succeed to produce 3D atomic imaging of photoelectron holography.
Flexible, organic solar cells
16 Aug 2011
Scientists from Singapore’s Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE), an institute of the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) have created a new polymer with both high charge mobility and high power conversion efficiency for application in both plastic electronics and organic solar cells.
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14 Jun 2011
The 4th World Materials Research Institutes Forum (4th WMRIF) was held at the Institute of Metal Research (IMR), Chinese Academy of sciences, at Shenyang, China, during May 22-26, 2011.
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13 Apr 2011
A*STAR researchers are devising a variety of low-cost photovoltaic materials to develop the next generation of solar cells.
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03 Mar 2011
The patterning of templates using ultraviolet light is a promising new method for assembling transparent microwire networks
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23 Feb 2011
A tiny silicon–oxygen-based polyhedron enters cellular nuclei to light them up selectively
28 Jan 2011
Research on spin frustration in complex electron systems could help solve some of the world’s pressing energy problems
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28 Oct 2010
Singapore, 28 Oct - Total of S$17.5 million committed to date for 10 research projects that will redefine communications and safety, energy efficiency, as well as materials and electronics in future transportation
07 Oct 2010
From now until October 15, you’re invited to vote for your favorite innovation among the 12 finalists selected for The Asian Innovations Awards.
28 Aug 2009
A double-solvent approach makes electrospray deposition a better choice for fabricating organic light-emitting diodes
02 Apr 2009
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) has recently received research funding totaling more than $9 million from the Research Grants Council (RGC), the Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF) and industry partners to advance the study of nanostructured materials on both theoretical and technological application sides.
25 Feb 2009
UNIVERSITI Sains Malaysia (USM) hosted the first Regional Conference on Materials (RCM) in Penang recently.
24 Jan 2007
IBN’s technology spells hope for cancer patients who suffer from painful side-effects of chemotherapy
24 Jan 2007
Scientists at IBN have produced artificial fibers that act as ‘templates’ to grow new tissue
07 Sep 2006
The TWAS Council announced the names of the eight scientists from developing countries who will receive the 2006 TWAS Prizes for their outstanding contributions to the advancement of sciences.


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