27 Oct 2016
Masagos Zulkilfli, Singapore's Minister for the Environment and Water Resources, announced that Singapore has launched the world's largest floating solar photovoltaic (PV) cell test-bed, and the region’s first large-scale, offshore power grid system.
18 Oct 2016
In a few weeks’ time, cancer experts from all over the world will be heading to University Cultural Centre in NUS to attend FCS 2016. These cancer experts include Nobel Laureate Professor Tomas Lindahl and Keynote speakers – Professors William Kaelin and Michael Karin.
10 Oct 2016
A new study, affiliated with Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), South Korea, has presented an effective and simple strategy to simutaneously improve and stablize the performance of Organic Solar Cells.
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29 Sep 2016
—Toward the Realization of Deep-Level Bioimaging without Using Toxic Elements or UV Light—
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22 Sep 2016
A biocompatible nanomaterial that can be controlled with light finds a use in gene delivery.
The three-dimensional structure of a complex of MotA and the flagellar motor structure in a bacterial cell.
07 Sep 2016
Nagoya University-led Japanese researchers reveal the 3D structure of a bacterial propeller protein.
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02 Sep 2016
Research team in South Korea identified the pain transmission mechanism at the molecular level and presented new solutions for the understanding of pain signals and the development of pain treatments.
25 Aug 2016
A new class of battery seperator has been engineered by a team of researchers, affiliated with Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), which is expected to bring unprecedented benefits to battery performance.
Crab-eating monkey embryo
25 Aug 2016
New research shows that certain primate stem cells have pluripotency superior to some types derived from mice. The study, published in Nature, maps how pluripotency differs among mice, monkeys, and humans, and illustrates for the first time a developmental counterpart of primate stem cells.
18 Aug 2016
International MNCs, SMEs and technology seekers explore fresh ideas for collaboration through open innovation
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29 Jul 2016
A green polymer derived from bio-waste was applied to the dye-sensitized solar cells. Chitosan obtained from the insects’ and crustaceans’ chitin was modified to produce the phthaloylchitosan electrolyte for the dye-sensitized solar cells with efficiency of more than 7%.
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28 Jul 2016
A novel, low cost and green lithiated tin vanadium oxide compound has been synthesized via simple, economical and scalable sol-gel method to replace the conventional graphite as electrode material for lithium-ion batteries. This material has a long technological lifespan as it can last long as long as it is well-kept under moisture free condition.
24 Jul 2016
Fifth edition of TechInnovation aims to strengthen collaboration in the spirit of open innovation
Nociceptive perception and analgesic regulation by orexin neurons
15 Jul 2016
Researchers centered at Nagoya University revealed a role for orexin neurons of the hypothalamus in regulating the response to harmful stimuli in mice. This findings suggest a link between response to stimuli and consciousness that is regulated by neurons producing orexin.
14 Jul 2016
Adjusting the cooking time is all it takes to tune the magnetic properties of these multi-functional iron nanowires.
14 Jul 2016
Resistive random-access memory that avoids an initial forming process improves fabrication methods and reliability.
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13 Jul 2016
Cells lining the walls of tumour blood vessels hold a “key” that allows tumour cells to break into the blood stream and form metastases, say researchers at Hokkaido University.
29 Jun 2016
Graphene quantum dots can improve the efficiency of silicon solar cells.
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29 Jun 2016
Hokkaido University researchers investigated what makes a specific nerve cell in the brain regenerate when others do not.
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27 Jun 2016
Integration of a Hime Diamond into the Device Simplifies Measurement of Electrical Resistance under Ultra-High Pressure.
24 Jun 2016
A group of KAIST researchers will share their insights on the future and challenges of the current technological innovations impacting all aspects of society, while showcasing their research excellence in artificial intelligence and robotics.
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17 Jun 2016
Researchers from Osaka University and Tohoku University have developed a novel robot microscope system that automatically tracks a freely moving small animal and manipulates its brain activity with "projection mapping." They've named the system OSaCaBeN or OSB.
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06 Jun 2016
The IBS Center for Genome Editing published two studies at once in Nature Biotechnology, showing Cpf1’s superiority as a precise genome editing tool with no unintended mutations.
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03 Jun 2016
Researchers in Singapore have developed a new material that can kill the E. coli bacteria within 30 seconds.
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03 Jun 2016
Researchers are getting closer to understanding how some natural antibiotics work so they can develop drugs that mimic them.
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02 Jun 2016
Light-weight and highly-conductive PGS for temperature maintenance and effective waste heat dissipation.
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12 May 2016
IBM Research and Singapore’s Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology Announce New Macromolecule with Triple-Play Action to Help Fight Virus Infection and Drug Resistance.
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18 Apr 2016
Transposable elements (transposons) are activated by environmental stress to create stress tolerant plants.
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11 Apr 2016
A new method could allow physicians to diagnose fetal genetic abnormalities during pregnancy without the risks involved in current techniques.
08 Apr 2016
Stem cells have been used successfully, for the first time, to promote regeneration after injury to a specialized band of nerve fibres that are important for motor function.


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