19 Feb 2020
New insight on how malaria cells shield themselves from destruction opens avenues for the development of novel antimalarial drugs.
17 Oct 2018
The female of a sex-role reversed cave insect species Neotrogla has evolved a switching valve to receive more semen during mating, when a penis-like structure in the female anchors in the male “vagina.”
Early auditory experience controls the mating decisions of female flies in courtship.
21 Mar 2018
Researchers at Nagoya University develop fruit fly model to explore how learned auditory cues alter mating behavior and sexual preference.
07 Jul 2017
Type XVII collagen (COL17) is found to regulate the proliferation of epidermal cells and therefore the thickness of juvenile and aged skin, suggesting COL17 can potentially be used for future anti-aging strategies.
Active sites for hydrolysis of 2D material
03 Apr 2017
Enzyme follows a two-step verification system before cutting and repairing DNA damage.
24 Aug 2015
An improved understanding of how the circulatory system is formed is the first step to combating multiple diseases characterized by vascular issues.


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